Dec 16, 2011
trying to remove bloatware fro 4g samsung indulge. every time i run the "run" file from this link [ROOT][CWM][R910/R915][GPL] Indulge All in One Root and ClockworkMod for Win/Intel Mac/Linux it

say the rageagainstthecage is missing, make sure you extracted the file correctly. my AV is off any help. i have the R910
got it!! thanks for all the help guys (Not). if someone would have told me, a newbie like me to double check my AV the problem could have been solved. geez when i had a crappie huawei ascend people were helping from every direction. anyways got it and i still love the site Oh YEAH!!:D
damn, well since you are throwing punches, why not read the very first post in the original thread next time. It's even bolded.

"Make sure your antivirus is off before downloading"