Raging Thunder - New awesome racing game + More coming to Android!

Carl C

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It's a racing game , I tried it and I have to say I am amazed. On my HTC Magic it has perfect control's and very good graphics. I would seriously recommend this game. I tried the Free version but am Now going to purchase the full version {€3.00} :D
YouTube - Raging Thunder - Android
Please note: Currently not compatible with the Motorola Droid, HTC Tattoo

QR code to free version: | QR code to Paid {€3.00}


So what do you think ?

Oh yeah , Check these games coming to android shortly too {By the same developer}.



WOW all of those looked pretty cool. Couple of secret spots and turbo and wave blazer would make me feel like i was playing hydro thunder again! :p


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Looks pretty good. Downloading it now to see if it's play matches up to it's looks.
Nice to see some more quality games popping up in numbers.


Plays pretty nicely, not withstanding that I suck at it =)
Just a word of warning, make sure you manually exit the game. I've got the Lite version installed to try it out, but I've got into the habit of just popping back to home when I'm done with something. I wondered why my phone was so sluggish this AM so I popped open OS Monitor and saw that the game was still using upwards of 60% of the CPU. Again, my fault for not closing it completely out, but something I thought might help others.


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Hey spottyelephant,

I emailed the developer and they are saying they are currently working on the droid version. also, theres a few nice new 3d games on the market and they all say not compatible with droid...droid version currently in development...so...I think if we are patient we can rock out soon enough.
Just wanted to post a heads up.

Tommy at Polarid replied to my request for Droid support on all the 3d games saying they hope to have them in time for the holidays. By my clock, that's within the next 3-4 days. I'm very much looking forward to them all and Toonwarz could be the killer app for me atleast. Fast moving FPS online multiplayer? yes please.


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Iv already bought raging thunder and armageddon squadron, but i've literally been checking the market and slideme twice a day looking to see if toonwarz has got posted yet!