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Raging Thunder - New awesome racing game + More coming to Android!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Carl C, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. PridgNYC

    PridgNYC Member

    Just tried the Lite version of Raging Thunder on my droid and it worked perfectly.

  2. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Yea, trying to play this on the Moment is worthless. Runs at less than 5 fps, which even for a cell phone is bad. Hmm.... e-mail ahoy!

    None of their games work on the Moment at this point in time.
  3. jdb

    jdb Member

    Worked on the Droid for me as well...fun game, I'll probably pony up for the full version
  4. SirVilhelm

    SirVilhelm Android Enthusiast

    Just played it on my Droid. Wow, just awesome! Keep up the good work!
  5. freeupli

    freeupli Guest

    very cool indeed, nice to see some real non puzzle applications coming to droid.
  6. l3reak

    l3reak Lurker

    I've just tried the Raging Thunder demo, but it's generally really well done! It could do with some keyboard support. You're no longer on iPhone, Polarbit. What I really hope to happen is that these games do really well and make some good money. These graphics are some of the best we've seen on Android, but honestly phones like the Droid and the Liquid could do so much more.

    If Polarbit's games do well, then some other developers might look at that and think "Wow, they did that well with graphics like that? I can squeeze so much more juice out of these phones!" and we'll get some more advanced games. Like that Unreal Engine 3 demo for the iPhone 3GS - the Droid and this new crop of phones like the Acer Liquid, HTC Nexus One & Passion (same phone?), Sony Ericsson X10 and any other Snapdragon phone are just as powerful as the iPhone.
  7. ryanbroham

    ryanbroham Newbie

    now working on Droid!
  8. tebower

    tebower Member

    All four of the Polarbit games work on the Droid now, and I bought paid versions of them. All work wonderfully on my phone. I have a question about Iron Sight - I can't seem to get the teleportation "weapon" to work. It says to pinch and hold, I assume to change position for where you come down, but I can't get it to respond. Does anyone know how to work it?
  9. Paid for Armageddon Squadron for my Droid. Kudos to Polarbit for developing an amazing game. Working through the levels now. I can't believe they even incorporated online and network head-to-head gaming.
  10. Looks great, will give it a shot once it works for the droid.
  11. Errrrr.... IT WORKS ON THE DROID
  12. jeff0r3

    jeff0r3 Member

    ya works fine on my droid
  13. GPP[c]

    GPP[c] Newbie

    Very-Very slow on Samsung Moment and Samsung i5700 Spica :(
  14. SumDaii

    SumDaii Newbie

    All of these games are already on the iPhone, I'm sure.

    ToonWarz in online, and it's got that 'cartoony' feel to it, hence 'Toon'.

    I'm looking forward to these games :)
  15. KoukiFC3S

    KoukiFC3S Android Expert

    Those games are amazing!!

    ToonWarz even has multitouch on the droid.
  16. mattcoz

    mattcoz Member

    Yeah, Polarbit has really impressed me, I've downloaded all of their trial games. I'll probably buy a couple of them soon, just deciding on which ones.
  17. Murdermajig

    Murdermajig Newbie

    For Samsung Moment users:

    Hi Murdermajig,

    Yep, we're aware that some Samsung models exhibit frame-rate issues, and are working on improving this.



    *Follow Polarbit online:*
    Twitter <polarbit (polarbit) on Twitter>
    Youtube <YouTube - polarbit1's Channel>
    Polarbit.com <http://www.polarbit.com>

    help@polarbit.com wrote:
    > Hello Form User,
    > You are being contacted via Polarbit by Murdermajig. Murdermajig has provided the following information so you may contact them:
    > Email: Phone: Website: Subject: support
    > Message:
    > On Samsung Moment
    > While using the (Lite) version of raging thunder i would get framerate issues, the game was choppy and could not play, I found it a unpleasant experience on my phone, I do not know if it is because you mainly develop on HTC hardware, but in youtube videos, the game runs very smooth using the (global) HTC hero. If you guys can fix the frame rate, i will seriously consider purchasing this on the Android app market.
    > Thanks.
  18. konoma25

    konoma25 Lurker

  19. mattcoz

    mattcoz Member

    Wow, will this be a free upgrade for people who have paid for Raging Thunder? I was going to buy RT, but will wait if I can't upgrade to RT2.
  20. azuttey

    azuttey Lurker

    can i install on my htc tattoo?? and how??
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  21. spottyelephant

    spottyelephant Android Enthusiast

    Wow. Better be on slideme too.
  22. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    These guys need to learn how to put a majority of the game on the SD card like the makers of ExZuez so we can get more graphical power on our droid.
  23. o_boda

    o_boda Lurker

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  24. Drazil

    Drazil Well-Known Member

    Great game... the menu music reminds me of Star Control 2. It would be nice to be able to replay races though.
  25. Carl C

    Carl C Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    You can get paid applications at Slideme.org, fantastic for those who do not have access to paid apps.

    Here's the link for these games above: https://slideme.org/user/polarbit

    Enjoy! :D

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