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Support Random Loud Spikes in Music Volume on the Note

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by the905sDW, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. the905sDW

    the905sDW Guest
    Thread Starter

    So I just purchased the Samsung Galaxy note from Bell (Canada).
    As I expected, the phone is absolutely amazing! Great device.
    The only thing I have issues with is the sound/volume.
    With headphones on, and listening to music (with any player app) the volume will for a spit second go 100% (extremely loud), then back to the set volume. It is very very random, and so it is hard to pinpoint the cause.
    I did however notice it happens alot when I am touching controls to the music player. I notice there is sometimes a lag or delay when I change the volume with he volume keys on the side of the phone.

    To troubleshoot, I tried turning of WiFi and LTE, but it has no effect, nor does playing music files off the internal memory vs the sd card.

    I have also turned off "Audible Selection" which seemed to stop the issue, but I still get those random extremely loud spit-second spikes in volume.

    I cannot find any other people online who seem to have this issue - some post about spikes in volume during calls, but for me it's just music (as far as I have experienced).

    if ANYONE has ever once had this issue, please reply back! I am wondering of it is an Android software thing, or Samsung hardware issue. Need to know if I should return the phone for a new one.


  2. the905sDW

    the905sDW Guest
    Thread Starter

    Update: Called Bell Technical Support as well as Samsung's Technical Support, and they were both not aware of this particular issue with this model, and that my particular phone may have a defect. Returned it for an exchange at the Bell Store today with no problems. I am setting up the phone now and charging it. I'll test it out tomorrow on my way to work and see if this volume issue still exists.
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  3. the905sDW

    the905sDW Guest
    Thread Starter

    Ok, all, after getting my replacement Note, I have not encountered the problem in the first one, and everything runs as perfectly as possible! Loving this phone, and glad my problem with the previous phone was most likely because it was a lemon. Got the flip cover for it as well - its the fastest phone I've ever used - averaging 45Mbps DL / 15 or so UP on Bell LTE in the Hamilton and Toronto areas.
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  4. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    Glad to hear that worked out for you!

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