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Random Phone Restarting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LiftedSuzuki, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. LiftedSuzuki

    LiftedSuzuki Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've got an HTC Inspire (hence the reason I'm posting here haha) and the damn thing keeps randomly restarting. I thought it maybe was heat, which it could possibly be, but I can't figure out why it will restart when its warm and sometimes its not. At the advice of AT&T, I backed up my things to the SD card and did a "hard reset" to no avail. All that caused me was to lose all my apps since moving them to the SD card doesn't do a dang thing after a reset apparently (if you have more info that can help me restore progress on games and things let me know). Anyway, since the reset didn't help, does anyone have any ideas what would cause the phone to just randomly restart? I've seen people mention SD cards unmounting themselves but that doesn't seem to be happening to me. Thanks for any ideas!

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  2. LiftedSuzuki

    LiftedSuzuki Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Forgot to mention my phone isn't rooted and its at the most current update 2.3.3
  3. JanetinNJ

    JanetinNJ Lurker

    I have been having this same problem. First happened in dec. Then not again till Feb. At that point, it was several times a day. Went to ATT store. Advised me to do Sync. If that didn't work, call HTC. Called HTC. They had me do factory reset. That made it worse. Called back. Sent phone for repair. Got phone back. Started again next day. Sent back again. Got it back. Fine for 8 days.

    Went back to ATT store and they sent me to the ATT Device Service Center which fortuantely is near me. Tech there said not phone problem -- it's a software problem. Downloaded "GO Launcher EX" app and said to make that default launcher instead of HTC Sense. That worked for a few days. Then it started again. Back to DSC. Another woman in there with same problem. They told her same fix. Another person came in with same problem. She had had her phone replaced and it was happening with that one.

    Everything was going pretty good with GO launcher. Abnormal reset occasionally. Just made sure GO was default launcher and everything was fine. Then this week, it started doing the resets AGAIN. I called ATT. They really weren't much help. Told me to try removing SD card and leaving it out 24 hours. If that didn't work, I should go back to SDC and have phone replaced. I had high hopes. Then just before I reinserted card, it reset again. I see no point in having this phone replaced. Phone has latest upgrades and I don't think there will be any more.

    I love the phone, but these abnormal resets are ridiculous. Their customer service has been great, but no one is fixing the problem. I wish I had an answer. All I know is, as soon as I can get an upgrade, I'm getting an iPhone.
    No more HTC for me.
  4. jpetrucci

    jpetrucci Lurker

    Same for me. I actually came to this site to try rooting the phone and see if that helped. Decided to check out this section and found your thread.

    Here's what I've done so far:

    Wipe personal data (factory reset). Three times.

    Called support; guy says to pull the battery while phone is on. Went steady without issue for a day or two, then more reboots.

    Whole new (refurb) phone from ATT. Called their support and they sent me the replacement phone. Swapped my SIM, SD, and battery into it. No luck.

    Thought it might be a bad battery. Requested a new one. Got it in the mail, swapped, problem persists.

    So at this point the only thing that is the same is the SIM card, SD card, and maybe the apps I install. I don't install anything crazy- no games or anything.

    I installed Tasker and created a "profile" that would append a line to a log file each time the phone restarted so I could keep track of how many times and when it was happening. Here's the result of that log:

    Note that the gap in the log is from when I removed Tasker because I thought it might be the offending application. During this time the phone still rebooted several times a day.
  5. nirma8

    nirma8 Lurker

    I've the same problem. I've replaced my phones 3 times with AT&T Warranty department. The problem continues even with the 4th phones. I think, this has to do with some software updates...any solution ??

  6. andrews317

    andrews317 Android Enthusiast

    I used to have this problem of randomly rebooting phone. Most of the time when taking pictures in low light places, as someone mentioned. Sometimes it rebooted to when trying to run games. That was on stock rom. Then I installed Android Revolution HD ROM and it was less frequent, but I still had reboots sometimes. Finally, Coredroid HD ROM solved the problem. Never had a reboot since then.
  7. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer

    Maybe my issue is different because the resetting continues to occur no matter which rom I've installed on the phone. I've essentially hit a wall with this phone, I'll gladly donate to a paypal or "buy a beer" or what-have-you here is what is going on:

    HTC Inspire 4g ATT US branded phone, with root access, S-OFF, ENG S-OFF. From the moment I used the ace hack kit to unlock, root, etc. the phone has been acting squirley. Random resets when the (T-Mobile) SIM is inside the phone. The only time the phone works without resetting sporadically is when its plugged into its charger. After everything ive tried , indication seems to be a bad battery possibly??? Any ideas guys?
  8. jpetrucci

    jpetrucci Lurker

    Must be slightly different because mine reboots regardless of being plugged in. I got frustrated and rooted & flashed the ROM and it hasn't rebooting a single time since.
  9. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer

    Its driving me nuts haha. I used the AAHK program to root etc. and nothing seems to work. Ive tried all kinds of combinations of radios, roms, branded/unbranded still getting the reboots. Even reverting it back to "stock" with s-on and unrooted was ineffective.
  10. roc045

    roc045 Lurker

    Has anybody found a solution to this problem, I have reset mine 3 times also replaced battery no luck keeps re booting about once an hour.
  11. I just picked up two identical Inspires, one of them is perfectly fine. The other random reboots. I think anyone telling you it's software is the problem is full of BS and reaching for an answer to send you packing. I had the problem with the stock 2.3.3 SenseUI and I continued to have the problem post rooting as well as after doing a complete wipe using CWM and installing the latest stable CM 7.1.0 release. So if it's software, it's gotta be HTC firm/software on some ROM chip somewhere in there that doesn't get touched by changing bootloaders or Android version.

    I'm at the point where I'm just leaving the phone plugged in and running logcat to catch the reboot and see if that can reveal anything, but so far, no reboots while plugged into USB. If that continues, maybe a HW issue with the battery circuitry? Time will tell. I'd advise anyone with the problem to go directly to HTC and ask for a replacement.
  12. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer

    UPDATE: FIXED, 2 issues discovered and corrected by myself. The battery was bad first of all , and secondly the metal connections where the battery door attached (the brass terminals) was not making a solid connection. This fixed my issues swimmingly.
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  13. harthenry

    harthenry Lurker

    KJohns -- of all the reams of suggestions made, yours makes the most sense. I just cleaned my battery connectors with a two part circuit connection cleaner, and very gingerly pulled up on the brass connections as to make a better connection. Thanks for the tip.

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  14. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer

    hey- did that work for your inspire?

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