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Random Reboots and charging questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mkounalis, Oct 4, 2014.

  1. mkounalis

    mkounalis Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have had the Asus Padfone X for about three months now, and it has been a pretty good experience until recently. In the last month I have been experiencing random reboots. The phone will reboot just sitting there, or in the middle of an active phone call. AT&T has sent me out two phones (the most recent of which I should get here this coming Monday) and so far it is still having the issue. I have done a factory reset of the phone, and ran it for a while without installing any applications at all on it after the reset. The phone rebooted in the middle of a phone conversation again. AT&T is telling me that they have had a lot of issues with people returning the phone and getting warranty replacements, with some having to have as many as five handset swaps before their issues (some similar to mine) have been resolved. I am curious to know if anyone else out there is having any of these issues? They happen if the phone is plugged into the tablet, or when the phone is on it's own. This happens if the phone has never been plugged into the tablet since it's last reboot, but does seem to happen a bit more often if I have the phone in the tablet or the phone was at some time in the tablet since the last reboot. AT&T has sent me out a new tablet each time with each new handset, so I don't think I have a fault tablet.

    Also, I am reading that the battery in the tablet will charge the phone when the phone is docked. I am not seeing this at all. The only time I see that the phone is charging is when the tablet portion is plugged into a USB charger. Otherwise, the phone reports that it is not charging. I see the phone battery go down as well as the tablet battery go down - I don't see the phone staying the same - so I am wondering - is there a setting somewhere to turn on the ability for the tablet to charge the phone when the tablet is not connected to a power source?

    One other comment that might or might not make a difference - I do have a 32gb SD card installed in the Padfone. I only mention that because other phones have had issues with SD cards. If in fact it's the SD card, I would have to ask then if the Padfone is a fully baked solution. I mean - if the phone can't operate with a SD card installed (which is a Samsung SD card FYI) then what is the usefulness of the phone?

    I would love to hear anyone's opinions about either of these two topics. Thanks!

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  2. jrcasas

    jrcasas Newbie

    Thanks for your post. Sorry I cannot answer your questions but I do have a question that is really bugging me since its intro to ATT. Your input is important to me. Been waiting for this system for 3 years. Plus waiting more for posts like yours to find out if it is reliable and worth it. Since I have been observing the various posts in recent months, the system, although it is a great concept, appears to lack quality and reliability. Am I right? If you have to do it all over again, would you still get one after your trials and tribulations? NUMEROUS RETURNS/REPLACEMENTS! Appears like the 3 years that it had been in the worldwide market, ASUS has not learned from the experience by fixing its bugs! Am I right? Really want one for its novel approach to 2 in 1 machine but I value your advice and comments since you seem to have had the system a while. Some of you out there who have had the X for a while also, I invite you to chime in. Many thanks and good luck, mknoulis.
  3. dibblebill

    dibblebill Android Expert

    See this thread here:
    Phone Died | Asus Padfone X | XDA Forums

    To charge the phone battery, I apologize I'm a month late, you set the tablet dock charging to "Power Pack" or something in the PadFone settings

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