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Random reboots

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by robertjw4688, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. robertjw4688

    robertjw4688 Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm using a rooted ZTE Force with stock rom running android 4.0.4. Recently, my phone started randomly freezing where, after a few minutes of being frozen, it will show the boot splash screen (without showing the android symbol beforehand or checking the sdcard afterwards like a normal reboot) I usually have to reboot the phone for real afterwards because it will run incredibly slow if I dont. I've tried uninstalling apps I dont use, power cycling, etc and nothing has worked. Help?

    Edit: I had Clockwork mod installed on my old sdcard and it died. Am now using a different sdcard. Could that be causing it?

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  2. knoober

    knoober Android Enthusiast

    I wish I could remember what app caused it (might be my cpu tuner and forcing both cpus online) but I had the same problem. Incidentally it was fixed automatically in the backup/restore process. I was trying different roms and when I restored the problem was gone. Maybe a similar fix would help you? Maybe restore an old backup, or take a new one/then reset to factory/restore? Good luck
  3. How did you manage to get root on that phone to start? I've been trying for days.
  4. knoober

    knoober Android Enthusiast

    I just followed the instructions in this thread. http://androidforums.com/force-4g-lte-all-things-root/701909-osiris-guess-what-2-owe-osiris-5-each.html. Also, there are pretty rooted roms to be found on the boards here. Check the All things root forum. DSF is pretty popular, and I like it too. I believe that SuperR offers a rooted version of stock somewhere in there as well. I'd you can't find it I'll post a linkfor you. I'm pretty sure you'll like DSF though (that's droidsmith force) . But I can confirm that the root method listed in the link works as well. Good luck.

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