Help Random Shutdowns and LauncherPro


Android Expert
I've been very careful not to point a finger at a particular app as a cause of random shutdowns (other than aggressive user settings within SetCPU). Before I continue, let me say that I believe there is more than one culprit responsible for shutdowns and that most are caused by non-app related issues.

I've had my third device for 2-1/2 months. No shutdowns whatsover...until I installed LauncherPro last week. Then they started. I removed LauncherPro and - back to normal. I hereby declare an official suspicion that LauncherPro is one of the causes of random shutdowns. Before you react, I understand that many use LauncherPro with no problems. Great. I'm not saying that the app itself is poorly coded, but rather that it may begin a chain reaction in some devices that causes random shutdowns. I have not taken this declaration lightly. I waited a long time before openly stating my theory. I hope it proves of interest.

Another thread titled " Random shutdown doesn't happen with TouchWiz" authored by android4rumuser served is the impetus for this thread.


Yeah, I had a bunch of issues with Launcher Pro Plus on my Droid 1. I had issues running 2.1, 2.2 and CM6.0. I liked it enough that I bought it. I ran it for 7 or 8 months. Finally, I just said bag it and went back to the ADW launcher. I miss many features of the Launcher Pro Plus, but I don't miss the numerous FCs, Freezes, etc. I know most people have no problems with it on their phone. I truly wish I had no problems with it on my Phone. It's an excellent app. I'll install it again when I upgrade and hopefully my phone and LPP will get along.