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Randomly Turning Off?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rob89, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Juviene

    Juviene Newbie

    I have been facing the same problem. I bought this phone on 8th May and after charging I found myself facing this problem from the very first day. Couldn't contact the store or the service center because I had exams and thats how I got too late. I don't know about anywhere else, but in India, when I contacted the Samsung Service Center, they said they would have replaced the handset if I would have showed up with the problem within four days post purchase. I showed up a month later. So, they said, they will fix it. Although, after reading what you guys posted, I really don't know how. I feel like crying. Should have gone for HTC. :( :(


  2. Juviene

    Juviene Newbie

    I did not know about that method. Being a former Blackberry user, I usually do battery pulls. Solves the problem, but I am worried sick. This is not a normal problem. Very, very few galaxy ace users have this kind kind of problem. We just got unlucky I guess. :(
  3. Juviene

    Juviene Newbie

    I never tried fixing the wifi mode. But I should take into account, the fact that my phone did not turn itself off as frequently as many of yours did. May be 6 or 7 times in a month. Still, its a problem much worth looking into. As for the Samsung Service Center, only Jesus knows what they are up to. Same thing happened to me. Went there last Thursday. They kept it for "repairing" :thinking: . Would be getting it back tomorrow. Dunno what good will come off this. Feels like its a frigging health check up and I am about to be told that my phone's got cancer! :mad::(
  4. Juviene

    Juviene Newbie

    After reading all your posts, I am starting to realize that wifi is not the issue here. I faced this problem when I didn't even turn on my phone. It happened after I charged it for the first time for twelve hours and when I tried to switch it on with the power button, nothing happened. Did a battery pull. And now its being repaired in the service center. Honestly, fellas, I think its a hardware problem. And if anyone is rethinking about replacing the device with an HTC Desire or something like that, please do it.
  5. Juviene

    Juviene Newbie

    This is totally brill, if and only if Samsung wishes to replace the Galaxy Ace model with a Galaxy S II one...:p:cool:
    I know..."keep dreaming"...right?!:rolleyes:
  6. aish_varya

    aish_varya Member

    the problem you faced was something different, caz this happens to my cell only and only when wifi is ON, this prob never occured when wifi was OFF.
  7. gungy

    gungy Newbie

    Well had first for me last night. I was mid way through a call to my provider regarding the issue in question. And i pulled my phone away from my ear to check something and it had done it. So i had to pull my battery to end the call, the guy on the other end just thought i was joking

    seems we are getting the usual idside (i didnt see it, it doesnt exist) attitude.
  8. zack75

    zack75 Lurker

    Happened to me too. Bought from a mobile phone booth outside Carrefour Hypermarket, Seberang Jaya, Penang, Malaysia. Only one day usage i need to visit the booth again. Sent for repair. I think they sent to Samsung Center. Only 2 weeks later i got it back. Well, they created another annoying problem. Now, the phone can't be charged. So, returned it back 2 days ago. So now i am smartphone-less. I thought the booth sold me a problematic one but luckily this forum highlighted the problem i faced...so, it's Samsung. Need to wait until don't know how long. Felt regret buying this phone. It's unfair really, but here consumer right is not privileged... too bad.
  9. I have the same problem. I had my first 'phone sent off for repair - that didn't fix it so I got a replacement and that has the same problem.
    I've tried putting the latest version of Android on ( 2.3.3 ) but that hasn't fixed it.

    There is always a little delay when I press the home button before the screen comes on - I hold my breath and hope for the best. I know if it's not going to wake up if the menu and back buttons don't light up.
  10. homola_m

    homola_m Lurker


    Yes you're right. Previously I wrote that Android 2.3.3 fixes the problem, but actually it doesn't solve the issue, however it happens much more rarely than with the previous Android OS so it's worth upgrading.
    Personally I think it's a little annoying that after pressing the home button you have to wait for the screen turns on...
  11. COOLGUY_150

    COOLGUY_150 Lurker

    I to am facing the same problem...hav tried all d above solutions but none worked...i had purchased it on 1st june 2011 the problem was there ever since i purchased it. Now after trying everything to solve the problem I spoke to my retailer and he was kind enough to say he would replace it. Hope it works this time but i am wondering if all or most of the galaxy ace users r facing the same problem...please reply
  12. zack75

    zack75 Lurker

    Well, i sold off my 2-week old Ace today (it is still in Samsung Center for repairing). Traded-in with HTC Wildfire. Just add a few 2 digits dollars. Thanks to John, the booth owner for his consideration. Goodbye Ace.
  13. Cardboard

    Cardboard Newbie

    Please let us know if your replacement has the same problem or not. Then I'll know if I need to get mine replaced or not!
  14. COOLGUY_150

    COOLGUY_150 Lurker

    6 HOURS PAST SINCE I GOT MY ACE REPLACED AND TILL NOW IT DIDNT SWITCH OFF EVEN ONCE ALTHOUGH MY WIFI IS ON CONTINUOUSLY (this is for those who say its because of d wifi) Looks like the first ace i got was a defective one, im currently happy with the new one will update u if there is any problem further :D
  15. peytal

    peytal Newbie

    try using JuiceDefender
  16. gungy

    gungy Newbie

    Well i gave up and got mine replaced on the 6th of june, really cool brand spanking new phone delivered in less than 24 hrs. not impressed had exactly the same issue, i called up again and complained. got told point blank from this point onwards it send it back for repairs etc etc.

    well this prompted me to find a solution for the problem that works.


    I used my knowledge of consumer law (in the UK) and the gift of the gab to get myself a desire S that will be arriving in about 12 hours. same cost contract wise (desire would be double the price for the handset free over what i was paying for the ace) and it has flash player support. problem solved sorry guys but i couldn't take it anymore, hope you all get a fix soon.
  17. daolak

    daolak Newbie



    Don't lose hope troops. The darkest night is always before the fix. :)
  18. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    hello guys
    i bought the ace 3days back. till now i haven't used wifi and dont have the mentioned problem.

    but i am having a different problem.
    my phone restarts randomly. It has happened 3-4 times till now.
    What happens is this: screen seems to become unresponsive for say 4-5 seconds and then i see the samsung logo glowing on and off (which happens in the last stage of normal boot). Seems sort of a QUICK reboot. Anybody else having this problem?
    Any suggetions?
  19. al3x

    al3x Lurker

    i'm having the same problem too.
    Replacement or sending for repair seems not a option for me as i don't have the time to deal with the dealer or customer service center. Rather I take a as a small tech question that i enjoy finding the answer. Just as like my students day, when i enjoyed trouble shooting my Linux computer.
    Both two workarounds are very helpful. Thank you guys.
  20. sir_scholes

    sir_scholes Lurker

    I bought mine a month ago and its been back to vodafone twice. This morning I was informed that they could again find no fault. Google the problem and it becomes quite obvious its a common fault. I have refused to take the phone back and will go the legal route. Also I was told that this was the first time this promlem had been encountered... BullS**T
  21. praky

    praky Well-Known Member

    In regard of my previous problem (of phone restarting), I noticed that it was happening when my ram was too overloaded with heavy apps running in background simultaneously.

    Now that problem solved, I am encountering the one you are all having.

    While using internet on my PC via USB tethering via Samsung Kies, the phone sometimes dies(switches off). And I have to restart it only after taking out the battery and putting it back.
    Though wifi has nothing to do with it, I have my wifi sleep policy at 'never'.
  22. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    thats a soft reset,
    im sure this is due to ram overload, (not enough) im hoping soon someone will hack-a-mod to extaned the internal ram and internal memory
  23. sajidtp

    sajidtp Lurker

    Hi Guys,
    Bought my Ace on 03/06/11 and been stressed out with (1) battery drain ever since. Now add (2) SOD starting today and guess what, I am beginning to hate Samsung.

    Bought it from Jumbo, Dubai, not with any plans (unlike some lucky guys in here) so it seems like I will have to go through after sales hell. Data plans cost crazy here so no way I can switch off wifi. Would love to try gingerbread but can't do that before going to store; don't want to be told warranty is void blah blah.

    Will keep you posted. Meanwhile let me get some anti depressants. :(
  24. ral

    ral Android Expert

    Got a Galaxy Ace for my wife four days ago. It had two SOD's on the first day so I tried setting WiFi sleep policy to "Never". It stayed quiet for two days. Today, it had three SOD's. On the third SOD I left the phone alone so I could show it to the CS of the place where I bought it. Apparently this large appliance chain has no in-house technicians so they want me to take it to a service center or leave it with them for a few days so they could take it themselves.

    I told them to ____ it, and give me back the defective phone so I could just file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act... and they opted to replace the phone.

    I hope the problem is just with the unit. I understand QC these days is not what it used to be. I do not mind having to return a product, but having to waste time getting a replacement... the seller and manufacturer should feel apologetic for releasing a defective unit in the market and not waste the customers time.

    Sorry for the rant, but...

    Anyway, what useful thing did I discover... when the phone wont wake from sleep it is actually on. You can call it (my provider tells me if the phone I am calling is off). The phone is actually on. It just won't wake up.
  25. ral

    ral Android Expert

    28 hours with the new Galaxy Ace... WiFi on default (sleep when screen off)... kept WiFi on the whole day even when there is no WiFi service available. No SOD's so far.

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