Help Randon photos and images


Upon re-boots I suddenly have random photos of people and screenshots of a keyboard (like 45 of them) saved to my sd card. Any ideas?


Android Expert
umm... can you identify the people? are any of them wearing nametags by chance or have distinctive tattoos?

lol no but i dont know what to tell you unless its not on your external but your internal and you flashed someone elses cwm backup onto your phone


I think touchpal keyboard comes with those images. A bunch of different themed keyboard images and a few pics of random people. Maybe part of some tutorial. I believe you can create an empty file to drop in those folders to make the media scan ignore a folders contents. Someone else may have to chime in on this one as I can't remember the file name to create. Something like. .nomedia. I'll confirm and edit this post with the correct name if someone else doesn't best me to it


To make sure. Can you long press one of the images and check details for file location. Give you a better idea on just what your looking at. Some gallery apps let you exclude folders right from the gallery view.