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Changing the way people host their files online, using industry standard technologies. Go figure! :)



What is RapidUpload? RapidUpload is simple! Remember Mega Upload? Remember when it was one, or two clicks and you file was hosted online, and you could get a short URL that you could drop into any conversation, any post, any thread, any where, any time?

Welcome to RapidUpload! It can be that easy again!




RapidUpload provides users a simple way to upload their files to the the internet onto a reliable file server, which serves its files using a basic web server.

No more dropbox, no configuring your software, now things are simple again!

Available for free on Windows PC and Android, RapidUpload allows you to upload files into a public cloud directory index where your files cannot be overwritten by other users, you get unlimited traffic for bandwidth, and you get unlimited space!

Some other special features are support for streaming audio and video, HTML and JavaScript support, HotLinking and so much more.

Download Today

You can download RapidUpload from Google Play for Free today!


You can also get a PC version for uploading your files to RapidUpload using your PC by visiting the RapidUpload website here:


More information

RapidUpload was designed by the RapidWebs Organization and is still version 0.9.1 (as of this post). more features are planned to be added to the software, but we would like to see what the users want before we do this! You can contact us via our company website at RapidWebs Organization or you can also contact us on the official rapid upload website at RapidUpload

Thanks for reading and potentially trying the software. Enjoy!


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Now on AndoridPIT

As we start to comb the internet for different ways to market our first production here at RapidWebs, we have came across another market place for distributing our free and paid applications both.

Now we realize that our applications are not available for purchase in some countries, and now, using AndroidPIT, RapidUpload Paid is available in ANY country.

Still, the free and the paid version both can be accessed at their website, so we would like to post a link to AndroidPIT and their download page for our product. Thanks AndroidPIT and Thank's to anybody who decided to try out our application by following the link to this website!

RapidUpload Free Version - Android Apps and Tests - AndroidPIT


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Thanks for everybody's support! As of our initial release of RapidChat and RapidUpload (our first two official products) we have had about 350 + downloads between the both of them.

Most of this was allocated within the RapidChat software however, so we would like to simply try and push our file download software a bit more as well..

To thank our users for helping us get our start, we will be working on a release for both the android and PC versions in the coming days. This update will possibly offer a few new features or GUI enhancements.

We will post back when the update is released. Thanks goes out to everybody who has downloaded RapidUpload and Thanks also goes out to any new potential users of our software!

Thank You!