Razr maxx bluetooth disconnecting with my car!

This is my third droid phone and I have never had problems with using the bluetooth in my car until now. Ok so when I get into my car it connects to the bluetooth without any problems. When I receive a call, the echo in my car is unbearable. In addition to that, the bluetooth light on the phones goes off and the speaker phone buttons comes on, by it self. The call can then be heard through both the phone and my car. I will then switch the bluetooth back on and minutes later,it'll switch back. Either way the person can not hear me very well and the echo in my car continues. I am using smart actions, but it doesn't help. I have a infiniti g35. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I too am having issues with my new Razr Maxx bluetooth connecting with the car system in my 2007 Infiniti G35.

I just updated to ice cream sandwich a few days ago and now am having problems.

When I place an outbound call (either through the handset or the car voice prompts) the phone initiates the call, but never connects to the bluetooth audio in my car. If I tap the "speakerphone" phone option on the phone screen I can hear the call go through and if I turn the speakerphone off I can take the call through the handset, but not through the car audio. The bluetooth button on the bottom of the phone screen never acitvates. If I push it it comes on for 10 seconds or so and then shuts off and never activates the car audio.

It appears that I can take inbound calls, however, it dropped an inbound call from the bluetooth to the handset this morning?

The interesting thing is, if I have an active call going and then start the car, the call with transfer over to the car's bluetooth connection and work fine.

I have tried unpaired the phone and repaired several times and restarted the phone, but the problem still exists. Verizon says it is a Motorola or Infiniti issue, Infiniti says it is a phone issue and Motorola says it is an Infiniti issue.

Any answers out there? Thanks.


Having exactly the same symptoms and issues with my Droid Razr Maxx and Infiniti 2007 G35X. Any help would be appreciated!