Razr Maxx ICS OS


I need a new phone FAST and DESPERATELY!!! I don't want to get a phone in a hurry and be sorry later, but after looking for pre-paid smart phones that have long battery life, front facing camera and large screen (my eyes are going very bad), and NO FRIGGING CONTRACT! Im disabled and there are times I wont be able to pay on time, and if the cell phone service provider service is all janky and I need to switch, I thought I would go with my first choice Motorola Razr Maxx. So in an article I read, any phone can be on a monthly basis as long as you buy it out-right which I do not have a problem with. So my one problem with this phone is that it runs on ICS and I continue to read nothing good about Ice Cream Sandwich from how some apps won't work to just plain hating it. Can I switch from ICS to Gingerbread or is this a done deal? :mad: Also, can any phone be flashed to another company tho they don't service a certain phone and will I have to take it in to have service started? If not, what info do I need to give them?:thinking: