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General Razr vs. Rezound - typist edition

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ckan, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. ckan

    ckan New Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 27, 2012
    Thanks for this great forum. I'm almost ready to buy a Droid Razr, but just have a few questions.

    Today at the store, just before closing, I tried copy and paste, and found it surprisingly much more easy on the Rezound(!?). Is this a thing, or is it just because I don't know how to use them yet? On the Razr, it seemed harder to select text (I kept just moving the cursor around), and it seemed to take a longer time for the copy/paste shadowbox to open up. Is there a keyboard shortcut or anything here?

    I do a ton of typing on my phone. (Think: 2 hour bus rides doing email and editing documents.) Is there anything else I should know about them related to text entry and document manipulation? Is there a trace vs. swype difference to pay attention to? It seemed like swype on the Razr was a bit faster than trace on Rezound, but I know you can get swype for the Rezound. Is there a difference with the speed of typing it can handle? (I'm coming from an iphone 3GS, for comparison.)

    The other things I do are take calls I don't want to drop, take photos of a house repair project, surf the internet researching repairs, and twitter. I'm assuming that either phone can handle these well, which is why little details are rising to the top.

    One review said the Rezound rewraps text as you zoom in, but I couldn't quite follow what they were saying and had no problem with reading the NYT website on the Razr. Anything I should pay attention to there?

    I have been leaning toward the Razr, because it seems to lag less often, and because I like the dark color saturation (though I could see the Rezound's resolution growing on me), and because I think I'll enjoy customizing the widgets and setting up Smart Actions. Almost everything else seems like a wash, the way I am analyzing it.

    The one sticking point is the camera. It seems better on the Rezound, though I've convinced myself the Razr's is almost as good. (Feel free to try to change my mind there.)

    But after that copy-paste experience that was intuitive on the Rezound and challenging on the Razr, I'm wondering if there aren't a million other little details like that that should make me look beyond the sleek speed and flashy colors of the Razr?

    Also, are the Razr's ergonomics fairly easy to get used to? I like one-handed typing. The Maxx isn't any better there, is it? Any reason to consider the Maxx, or should I just buy a battery extender and save the other $70? Thanks in advance for any comments.


  2. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2010
    If you use the stock browser for the rezound and double tap (or pinch) it will zoom and rewrap the text; witht he razr if it is a mobile site it won't zoom and if it is not it will zoom but not rewrap the text.
    ergonomics is something personal and I can't answer for you; I felt the rezound feels better in the hand but went with the razr. You mentioend taking pictures of houses; the razr is a bit easier to use in bright sunlight. Can't really comment on camera quality of the rezound - the razr is definitely not a high end pocket camera but i think it is fine for houses - i posted a few samples in the forum if you want to check em out.
    You should ask a similar question on the rezound forum (if you haven't) as the response will be tilted towards the razr - also if you buy the rarz you should get the maxx - esp given the description of your usage you will benefit from the larger battery.

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