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RCMix S v2.0 Evolutionary Sense and SD advice

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by HTC DESIREPETE, Aug 31, 2011.


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    So I'm currently usng MIUI 1.8.26 and wanted to try the above ROM

    I partitioned my 2GB SD using Gparted. The following info is provided by quick info:
    SD card storage Total 1.84gb Free 781mb
    A2SD storage Total 132mb, Free 32.14mb
    Internal storage Total 148mb Free 18.55mb
    System storage Total 250MB Free 123mb
    System cache 40mb Free 38.74mb
    Memory Total 406mb Free 225mb Idle 60.48MB
    I created 2 partitions FAT32 and EXT 4

    Other apps A2SDGUI, App Cache, Apps 2 SD (All moveable apps are now on the SD)

    On the basis of the above numbers
    1) Is this sufficient (a workable setup) for running RCMix S v2.0 Evolutionary Sense or any other A2SD Roms?
    2) If yes do I simply download RCMixS_v2.0_A2SD+_BravoHboot.zip do the usual backups and wipes and install from zip then reboot?
    3) If not please can you advise what if any steps I need to take
    4) Lastly i thought my internal memory would be larger (18.55mb) am i correct in thinking I need to do a Dalvik Cache on SD-EXT (using A2SDGUI) to free up more space

    Thanks for any advice forthcoming :D

    Forgot to mention that MY SD card is also not recognised by my PC anymore, after partitioning with Gparted, I partitioned again using MiniTool (to change the partitions and sizes). when it was not recognised the first time (clean SD no files etc) I rebooted via recovery in a hope to fix it and it has simply returned the phone to the state it was before the 2nd partition process, apps back and everything. What can I do for it to be recognised.

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    That's a tiny ext partition - if you use it only for app storage it will bring some benefit, but not huge. It's certainly not large enough for a Sense 2.0 ROM - if you read the first post of the RCMixS XDA thread it says that a 1 GB ext partition is required.

    Personally I'd recommend a larger card, to allow you to put a serious-sized ext partition on it.

    I think I need a clearer, step-by-step description to be sure what you've done to your card and when things went wrong, but MiniTool is not recommended here. If you need to change partitions, use GParted again.

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    Hey HADRON,

    I used the following tutorial for a visual representation of the Gparted process: SuperLinks123's Channel - YouTube

    And it was at this stage that I obviously created the partitions in an uneven ratio based on the size of my SD card. (I moved all my apps and data back to the card and reformatted) It was for this reason that after the process I decided to use mini tool to repartiton using the standard Swap32mb, EXT 3 512mb, remainder FAT32 set up.

    After this the sd would not mount and all SD apps/data were gone. Looking on the phone system however the new partition figures seemed accurate to what I'd just done.

    To restore my apps/data I went into recovery and rebooted. The apps/data returned but the figures reverted to that of when I had partitioned with Gparted. So great my apps/data were back, but now PC won't recognise.

    What do you reckon? fair point about SD card size by the way, its on my shopping list.

    As a side point once this is all sorted to run RCMIX my EXT should be 1000 minimum?
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    To address the side point first, yes, 1000 min for RCMix. All Sense 2 or 2/3 ROMs need a large ext partition, because the ROM itself is too large to fit in the phone's own storage.

    As for the other issue, do you have a backup of your card? If so, I'd be tempted if it were me to simply reformat the card then repartition using GParted. And you don't need swap space. I'm not really sure what happened here, but it sounds like MiniTool didn't really do what it was supposed to.

    So first question, can your GParted setup see the card? If not, the question is how to get it seeing the card. If you have a card reader, try that if it won't work from the phone. Or try booting into recovery and mounting the card from there (mounts and storage menu). If you can't make it work any other way I guess you can try formatting it from the phone and see whether it works then, but the drawback there is that if it doesn't work you are stuck with a blank card and no way of putting your data back. So if your phone is working now I'd say that rather than do that I'd order a new card, partition that and get the phone working with that one.
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    Ok I think I'll reformat once more and re partition using gparted minus the swap. I've got my card backed up. if im successful what will be the immediate impacts of using half my 2gb space for the EXT3?

    Once Ive sorted this am I good to download RCMixS_v2.0_A2SD+_BravoHboot.zip and install.
    There is nothing else I need to do, flash reflash or anything else, just wipe and back up and install from card as usual yes?

    Thanks by the way.

    P.S have you tried this rom is it as good as they say if your into sense. MIUI is excellent but fancy giving this a go.

  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Generally the procedure for installing a ROM is as you say, but it's always a good idea to read the first few posts of the ROM thread carefully in case there are any special instructions.

    I'm actually not a Sense user at all - I used Miui for a couple of weeks, but I'm really happiest with AOSP ROMs, so have no personal experience of using this ROM.

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