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RCS Issues on Vodafone (Rich Comunication Suite)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Northerndj, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Northerndj

    Northerndj Member
    Thread Starter

    Well Vodafone Uk have dropped a Clanger here
    Rooling out a sneaky update to the S4,S5,Note 3 Htc One and Sony Z series
    saying to manufactures is a security fix
    But for many is saw the disable feature on Vodafone Bloatware removed and a RCS option put on
    But the worst was to come
    Samsung Devices had there stock SMS browser and SMS system messed up by this, So sending a TXT was made impossible
    Vodafone blamed Samsung for this at first
    HTC Users took the the eforum and made a 23+ thread (Now 25+)
    see Rich Communication Suite - HTC One - Page 25 - Vodafone eForum
    and the S5 Thread Rich Communications Suite - Samsung Galaxy S5 - Page 3 - Vodafone eForum

    But as this hit the Note 3 First Samsung was already seeing the influx of calls to there call centre
    They quickly scrambled and pulled the roms on all there devices to limit the Damage.
    HTC and Sony followed suit
    So what is going on
    Well in a month of Vodafone pulling out of a Main stream supplier, there now wanting to make more money from there users
    Every message goes to a third party company, the same company that has been running there Message+ app
    and we all thought the Facebook app was not to be trusted
    This has a massive terms and conditions
    Terms and conditions -Vodafone Message+
    This means that every txt and MMS goes Via this company that Vodafone say's it owns
    They also state its the new way to send messages and all networks are doing this
    well No there not !!! they might of signed up way back in 2008 but there not taking this on mainly as its Not on the Iphone
    Vodafone can not inflict this pain on Apple users unless there stupid enough to download the app
    Samsung has rejected two further Roms as the Third party company making or should i say messing up has done nothing to fix these issues
    The main two are hijacking the stock app and the disable feature
    Both are approved by Google
    Vodafone also has no licence by google to place system apps
    instead they have to comply with the third party Terms and conditions
    This has not help there customers as they have phones that do not work
    Samsung came up with a roll back fix, but that only works if you have used Kies to update in the past
    But for many they have taken to Rooting to fix there phones
    All Vodafone has offered is a feed back page or at cost they will roll back the phone
    In one Move they have upset all Android users on Vodafone and should there true colours
    I have de branded my handset with Samsungs help as it can be done Legaly with out tripping the Knox security
    Vodafone should not be aloud to do this to people

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  2. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    Nice little muck up if you ask me.

    I read a bit of that thread, but lost interest pretty quick as I am on Verizon
  3. Northerndj

    Northerndj Member
    Thread Starter

    Not a problem, I no your suffer on that network as well, why manufactures let Networks botch up there phones is beyond a Joke
    Samsung then wonders why there sales are down
    Other Networks did or should i say got conned into signing in to this just be aware of any updates between Major Roms

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