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re: rooted EVO Sprint ROM want to go back to CM7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by daaboss, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha Folks-
    New here and am thankful for this forum. I recently bought an EVO 4g off of a gentleman. It is rooted with CM7 on it.

    I tried to activated the phone with Sprint but to no avail. Finally, the seller instructed me to get a Sprint ROM from media fire and flash the ROM with it.

    He gave me instructions and said to make sure I made a backup of the current system on the phone so that after I put on this Sprint ROM just to activate the phone, I could go back to this Cyanogenmod7. So, I followed the instructions and everything went well, have the backup on both my computer and on the microSD card in the phone. Sprint was able to activate the phone and now it is working for my wife.

    So, I tried to reboot by holding down the power button and volume- at the same time as I have been recently taught to do. Unfortunately, I cannot get back to that screen with green lettering that would allow me to "restore" the CM7 using the nandroid backup I made earlier.

    Am I doing something wrong? How can I get back into ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery so that I can restore using the CM7 ROM?

    Hope that all made sense and look forward to all of yours valuable advice.
    Thank you very much.

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  2. mikem0269

    mikem0269 Android Expert

    You need to turn fast boot off or just pull the battery wait 10 seconds put battery back in then hold power and volume down till the hboot screen comes up.
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  3. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha Mike!
    Thank you so much! I was not able to find the "fast boot" option in the Sprint ROM so I did your other suggestion of just pulling the battery, even though the phone was on. I counted the seconds and did just like you advised and boom! I was back to that "hboot-screen" and able to restore back to CM7!

    Thank you again so much, now my wife has to learn-pick&choose what apps she would like. I do think we should have essential ones that help with the operation of the phone, manage ROMs if we ever have to put it back to the Sprint ROM. I am sure on this forum there are links or suggestions as to what might be good.

    I also heard there are "kernals" that help with the power consumption, so we get better battery life. And is there a "tethering" app that allows our phone to become a wifi hotspot without being charged for it?

    Again, thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

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  4. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Welcome to the forums. The guys here will get your evo lasting longer and working faster than sprint ever imagined it to.

    I would suggest tiamat3.3.7 and ill link the hot spot app if no one gets to it by tomorrow
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  5. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha Rxpert83- Thank you very much for your suggestions as I hope to get this onto my wife's phone. Is the hot spot app one that is found in the "market" as they say? I feel overwhelmed sometimes seeing how many apps there are out there but hope to pin point this one down that you mentioned.

    Also, we noticed when someone calls the phone if we missed the call and it goes to voice mail, it is not what it used to be using Sprint. It registers under an SMS message instead of the Sprint Voice Mail service. Is this something that needs to be fixed on Sprints' side or is this something that can be fixed within CyanogenMod7 so that we can access our voicemails? Thanks again for all your help!
    PS: I believe you when you say that folks here can help the phone not only last longer but also perform much better too!
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  6. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    yes this is an issue with cm7 which is an aosp rom. it does takes more tweeking then the usual sense based roms.

    try flashing this older gapps file:

    or if you want here is the actual sprint apk. this is also an older version that i have:
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  7. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha Ocnbrze-
    Thank you for your info! Will be using it. Also, for some reason we had to re-setup my wife's voice mail with Sprint but at least it works better now.

    We were also trying to use GPS with our EVO. Of course with Sprint's ROM there is something for this. Since we are now using CM7 is there an app specifically that we can use or search for one of many? Sprint told us that we have unlimited use for GPS services so we thought we would put that to use. Any suggestions much appreciated.

    Also trying to get the wifi app put onto this phone so we can create a hotspot and not be charged by Sprint for this service!

    Thanks again for all your help and everyone on this forum!

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  8. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Alright I'm back and at a PC now so I can actually be of some service :D

    If you want to go with CM7 you have to know that its going to take more setting up than if you just went with a sense-based ROM. Your going to need to do a voicemail fix, a gps fix, install the wireless tether app, ect. If this is your first time rooting I would probably suggest using a sense-based ROM so that all of this already works out of the box. MikG 3.11 is sense based, has the hacked hotspot, has all the bloatware removed, and is pretty much the go to ROM for any person new to rooting because of its stability. If you're interested more info can be found here:
    If you want to stick to CM7...

    Your GPS fix is here:
    http://dl.dropbox.com/u/63060876/GPS_Supersonic_FIX_Flash3 (1).zip
    Flash it in recovery

    Kernel is here:
    Wipe dalvik cache & cache in recovery and then flash. If you still have clockwork mod recovery you'll find dalvik cache inside of an advanced menu

    It looks like you maybe already have voicemail working?

    Wireless tether is here:
    You can install this once you get it onto your SD card using an app such as ES file explorer from the market.
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  9. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Android Expert

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  10. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha Rxpert-
    Thank you for your reply. The phone came with CM7 and I believe Savage for the Kernal. We then flashed it back to a Sprint ROM in order to activate it with Sprint, then I used my Nandroid backup file to put it back to CM7. I am new to this. Having said that, I do like the CM7 system better than the Sprint one! But I am open to trying other ROMs too. The MikG sounds interesting too, I will read up on it and see the pros and cons of it compared to CM7.

    It sounds like CM7 is very customizable but that means you the user have to do a lot of tweeking.

    Voice mail is working but we get 2 messages telling us we have a voice mail: 1 from Sprint and 1 from "android." So, I hope to fix it so that we only get 1 message from Sprint. Sometimes it also tells us to call a number to hear the message but we are not doing that, instead contacting Sprint like we would to hear them messages. Hope to fix that.

    I will work on the GPS fix that you gave us. As well as to see about the hotspot.

    Are both CM7 and MikG stable, durable, reliable? Curious if the main advantage to MikG is just that more things are included in its system so the user does not have to do as much work?

    Thank you again for your help and advice!

  11. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Yes, they are both stable and reliable. Its just an easier transition for most if they stay sense based because that's what they're used to. Since you started with cm7 that may not apply to you.

    Mikg may still be worth looking into just for the fact that it works "out of the box". Once you get cm7 all set up you can always create another nandroid to save your rom and flash something else to see what's out there.

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  13. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha MizzouBrent, Ocnbrze & Rxpert83-

    I hope you can help us out with another "symptom," the phone "froze" and my wife said in about 5 minutes she was able to get it working again. She also received a message about the current kernal on her phone, SavagedZen, being enabled. Plus a lot of her battery life had gone down. I was away at the time so she read on the net that some folks have had problems with SavagedZen draining power. So she disabled it. I do not know what this does to the phone.

    But I noticed in one of the earlier posts by Rxpert83 that you mentioned this kernal:

    Would the install of this be more stable and drain less power? Do I need to erase SavagedZen before I begin or just download the above zip file to my computer then I can move it over to the microSD card in the HTC? And when you say "flash" still getting used to all the terms, would I pick in the hboot menu - ClockWorkMod Recovery "restore" or something else to install the Tiamat kernal?

    Once installed would Tiamat kernal be enabled?

    Sorry for the newbie questions. I hope possibly with installing this kernal and using it instead of the SavagedZen that the battery life will increase, the phone will still be durable and the freezing up of the phone will go away.

    Thank you all for your help and advice.

    PS: The phone "froze" again. This time it was in sleep mode maybe? The screen was blacked out and when my wife pressed the power button on the top of the phone it did not "wake" it up. But the keys on the front of the phone lit up. Is there another fix or setting that needs to be done. Or, by changing out and enabling a new kernal, would that fix it? Thanks again!

  14. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    No problems, we were all noobs once! :D

    Most people consider Tiamat to be a superior kernel. In order to install it you would transfer it over to your SD card, then reboot into recovery and select wipe and wipe both cache and dalvik cache (which is found under advanced in CWM recovery I believe). After you have wiped both of those you hit return to go back to the main menu and then select flash zip from sd card and select tiamat and flash it. After that you reboot and your set.

    Most people would also recommend that you switch your recovery to amon ra as it is better, we can get into that after you get the phone stable.

    As far as the phone not waking up the first time you hit the button, I've noticed this with AOSP ROMS (such as CM7 & MIUI), and usually when you hit the power button again it works. I don't have any "Fix" but changing kernels might help that.
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  15. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Android Expert

    Download the tiamat 3.3.7 zip file. Then boot into recovery, wipe cache and dalvik cache 3 times apiece and flash that zip file. Savagedzen is a kernel. Think of it as a a link between your phone's hardware and software. Tiamat is a different kernel. You never know how your phone is going to react to a given kernel until you test it out.

    Also what recovery are you using. Most evo users will agree that amon ra 2.3 is the best recovery on the evo. Myself included :)
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  16. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Android Expert

    The screen wake is a common issue on aosp. Try disabling auto brightness. That helps for most
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  17. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha MizzouBrent, Ocnbrze & Rxpert83-

    Thank you again. For some reason the phone is still having unique problems:

    We put in a different battery last night and plugged it in to charge. This morning my wife unplugged it turned it on and set it to the side. At some point it started to re-boot then she said the screen was blank and nothing. She tried pressing the top power button and nothing. So, I pulled the battery, waited 10sec then put it back in and was able to turn it back on.

    Couple of things to note: Have not yet installed the new kernal, and the old one SavageZen has been disabled.

    Couple of questions:

    Could this be a hardware issue: My wife was reading on some blogs that many folks have had this issue and believe it to be a hardware problem. If that is the case, is is something like bad batteries or just that the phone is on the way out?

    Could this be a software issue: I received the phone rooted with CM7 but had to put it back to a Sprint Rom in order to activate it. The phone has ClockWorkMod on it and I used to to make a nandroid backup of the CM7 that was on the phone before I put on the Sprint Rom. Could something have happened in this process?

    We love the phone, I just hope it can be stabilized for use.
    PS: my wife said the phone wanted to do some updates like Google Play and she did not accept it. Are there updates that are Ok to accept? She was not sure which ones.

  18. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Android Expert

    You don't uninstall SavagedZen if that's your kernel. You can replace it with something else. I would recommend Tiamat 3.3.7 or the new Mason series Gingerbread kernels. They are the two best choices that seem to work for most. This should fix everything

    1) Ditch Clockworkmod and get Amon RA 2.3. Check the link in my signature. Install it via "the bootloader way". It is a flawless recovery and honestly should be used by all rooted Evo users.

    2) Put your rom of choice on your SD Card. Wipe everything with Amon RA except your SD card. This is important. RA wipes correctly whereas Clockwork has been proven to not always wipe. This can cause the problems you're describing. After everything but your SD card is wiped, flash your rom of choice. If you're flashing something like Cyanogenmod, you'll also need the 8/28/11 gingerbread gapps: Goo.im Downloads - Browsing gapps

    3) After flashing the rom and gapps, flash the kernel and reboot. You should then be prompted to sign in after the phone boots. It might take awhile, so be patient and give it about 5-10 minutes tops to fully boot. Keep posting if you have any questions.
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  19. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :)

    Howdy! :D

    Regarding Google Play trying to update. Yes, that is one you want to accept. That is the new version of the Market where we get apps.

    It is fine to update apps, generally. sometimes the updates are kind of squirrley for a while, they mess things up instead of making them better, but they usually recover pretty quickly when that happens.

    It is the software version of the phone update you do not want to accept while rooted. As a matter of fact, you should have the option to check for Htc Software updates UN checked in Menu/Settings/System Updates. Accepting one of them while rooted could cause you a real headache. Any new features or security patches will show up in our custom roms practically immediately with the great developer support the Evo enjoys.
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  20. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    I'm not even sure if cm7 gives the option to update. So I don't think that's an issue.

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  21. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :)

    I'm not sure if it does either, been a while since I looked.

    Figured I would throw that in for free though while I answered that about Google Play. Who knows, we may have another flashaholic on our hands here after a while. Good info to have. :D
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  22. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha MizzouBrent-

    Ok! I will first install the new kernal Tiamat 3.3.7 like you advise. Then I will install Amon RA 2.3 as you advise.

    After that, I will have Amon RA wipe clean our system except for the microSD card in the phone which will either have CM7 or MikG or both loaded onto it. So after the new kernal is installed and Amon RA has done its job, then I can install the ROM of my choice.

    I know before under ClockWorkMod I made a nandroid backup of my system which I used to "restore" after Sprint activated the phone. But this time under Amon RA I am not restoring but installing a clean copy of either CM7 or MikG.

    By the way, if I use CM7 do I need to install this first too:
    gapps-gb-20110828-newtalk-signed.zip (gingerbread gapps 8-28-11)

    Or can I install it after I flash CM7? I just want to make sure I follow the process. Thank you again.

    ps; Rxpert & dustwun thank you for the info in regard to the updates and what we should accept and what not to accept (sounds like anything from Sprint!).

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  23. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Android Expert

    You want amon ra first. Then the other stuff after that. Your backup from clockwork will not be compatible with amon ra. But keep your stock backup handy on your pc or somewhere safe so you have a backup saved somewhere
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  24. daaboss

    daaboss Member
    Thread Starter

    Aloha MizzouBrent-

    I should mention that mother is a Mizzou Tiger, I hope I am assuming that correctly?

    Alright, I flashed the phone with Amon Ra 2.3 I then wiped everything except for SDcard, SDcard android and maybe SDcard ext. I think I was worried that any of those selections might wipe out the data on the card, also this was the first time to use Amon Ra, menu looked a little different then ClockWorkMod.

    I did wipe the cache and dalvic 3 times just to be sure. Then on the same "recovery" session I flashed CM7.1, the 8282011 gingerbread gapps file and last but not least, the Tiamat 3.3.7 kernal. Then rebooted.

    Not sure if I did everything right, in that phone did not ask for me to sign in after rebooting. Maybe I did not wipe something I was supposed to?

    Also CM7 asked if it could enable statistics, was not sure if we should have allowed that?

    If things are stable, then I think I can flash the phone with the Sprint Voice Mail fix-file stated above as well as the Sprint GPS fix-file above too.

    Want to thank all of you for your help. Now we see how it goes.
    Mahalo :)

    ps: I never had a stock backup, phone came with CM7 on it. But seller sent me a file, Stock Sprint ROM that I have kept just in case I need to put it back onto the phone for any reason.

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  25. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    If you are able to use the google market without signing back into it, you probably did not wipe data before flashing your ROM.

    I'm going to boot into recovery to make sure I get this right, but basically you want to wipe everything except for SD card. In fact, I would suggest that you download a file called superwipe here. Flash that after wiping everything.

    You want to wipe (mine wont be in the order yours is in, i have a slightly different recovery):
    Dalvik Cache
    SD-android.secure (when you move apps to the card this is where it places them, you want to wipe this)
    SD-EXT (if the card is partitioned stuff gets stored here, you want to wipe it even if its not partitioned)
    Boot(if available)

    Then flash superwipe

    Then flash your ROM
    Then flash your GPS fix, kernel, and all other relevant fixes.


    Enjoy your clean installation. :D

    If that doesn't fix the issues your having, it might be time to look into a new ROM
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