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READ FIRST!!! Before docking your tablet to your keypad

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ohiojosh78, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. ohiojosh78

    ohiojosh78 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    First off I'd like to say that J&R.com have earned themselves a customer for life. Got our tablet a week ago and got the keypad today!

    Anyway...Just a little pointer for those of you wh are about to dock the pad/station together. Here's a quick rundown the instructions via the manual.

    1. Align pad to station, 3 sockets
    2. Firmly insert pad to socket
    3. Ensure latch is in locked position

    BUT, and this is a big but, they forgot to mention one very important point. Your tablet has rubber grommets in 2 of the 3 sockets that you first need to remove before docking but they left this out of the instructions. Don't do like I did and try to force the 2 halves together. Remove the grommets first.

    Just a heads up for ya'll!


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  2. Ibrick

    Ibrick Android Expert

    What are your impressions of the dock so far?
  3. ohiojosh78

    ohiojosh78 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    its a little bit laggy when typing. Sometimes you can get a whole word ahead. And i thought the base was supposed to have a built in subwoofer but im not hearing or seeing one.
  4. golfernut78

    golfernut78 Well-Known Member

    i've got the dock, haven't noticed the lag in typing. have found the keyboard easy to type with. typically disable the touchpad on the keyboard.
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  5. Dagr

    Dagr Well-Known Member

    lol, wth? How do those little rubber things come out??! I just got my dock. Do you need them later or can you dig em' out? Ugh.

  6. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    I'd also heed the warning about not picking up the unit by the tablet while it's docked to the keyboard. That latch is not extremely robust and I can see why the cantilevered stress on it would not be a good thing!
  7. rz22g

    rz22g Well-Known Member

    I do not have my dock yet but I did remove the plugs on mine just to see. There is a hole in the plug. I stuck the tip of an ink pen into the hole and popped them out. Do not stick the pen straight down into the plug but from the back of the prime towards the front. When you lift there is a little edge on the hole that the tip will grab and they will come out.

    I would save them.

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  8. Dagr

    Dagr Well-Known Member

    Yep, I got them. Thanks. ;) I think mine were much harder to get out since I did, in fact, try to dock without taking them out (not sure what I was thinking but I was following the directions!!). Anyway, its working well now. ;)

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