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Real world reviews & comments from actual users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Howlingdakota, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    So I will post up a real deal review with some comparisons with my experience with the ONE against the nexus 4 and even my iPhone 5 probably tomorrow. But my short take on the phone after a few days is wow....

    A little bit of getting used to as I have been using my iPhone 5 as my daily driver for a little while now, but once you really get into everything the ONE offers it's like holy smokes is this phone cool....Zoe alone is something that is really really cool and even super useful depending on what business your in. Say for instance a real estate agent using zoe to show an appartment or a house real quick..awesome IMO.

    Anyway my quick take on the phone is simple...It's the best Android has to offer right now. Yes I'd rather have stock and a bigger battery and say maybe a 13 megapixel shooter, but that's another story...

    All in all, this phone is what I would call the best Android device that I've ever used as a whole and the best on the market right now and has no real competition at the moment. And for me to say that is pretty rare as I am a real hard person to please!


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  2. erichg1000

    erichg1000 Member

    One thing i miss... On my HTC Evo 3D the phone would vibrate when a call connected so you know when to put the phone up to you ear. This phone does not.

    Also - on the EVO 3D, the call log interface was brilliant. All your recent call logs and keyboard and people can be accessed without having to scroll left or right. Now, it's like the iPhone or an Samsung (which i sold because it was too like the iPhone)
  3. clsA

    clsA Android Enthusiast

    You have to remember this phone was designed for iPhone users to migrate to android. HTC sold 12.4 million phones last year while Samsung and Apple sold 125+ million each. HTC had to make the changes or be left for dead. I came from the iPhone 3GS/4S and love the One just as they intended.
  4. Abird!

    Abird! Well-Known Member

    It's funny another reason I picked the One instead of the S4 was because it didn't remind me of the iphone. I think the S4 looks more like iphone than the One...I just could not get down with that button. I know some people like that physical button but no no not I. I'm still stoked about this phone :)
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  5. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Android Enthusiast

    Damn I love this phone, it has already replaced my TV remotes, its buttery smooth, and the battery life in the half day I've used it puts my International One X to shame. Camera seems decent (though haven't had chance to properly test yet), and the screen and speakers are amazing. You really have to have this phone ion your hand to truly appreciate it.

    Best looking and most premium feeling phone I have ever owned by quite a margin, and I have got none of the reported build quality issues with this one either (there is a gap at the top if I really look hard but I can't even fit my fingernail in it so yeah, not an issue)

    Currently using the HTC flip case and I'm quite happy with that too.
    Yes the case doesn't sit flush with the screen at all times (especially after its used as a stand) but if you just place it screen down or put it in your pocket for a couple mins and the issue is resolved. plus this time should reduce over time as well once the hinge loosens up.

    Official car dock is probably the best made car holder I have ever seen as well (though the foam fastener used to fit it to a dashboard doesn't work that well due to the textured surface of my dashboard).

    Gonna do some serious playing this bank holiday weekend.

    edit - given that it's quite quiet at my work right now I have a fair amount of free time for have been running through a few things. Found a great way to rape the battery on this thing. reading manga online over a pretty spotty 3G connection. Lost about 27% battery in 45 mins with the stock browser running and the screen at half brightness with the power saver on...Guess for some reason doing this makes the processor run at full chat.
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  6. Fine69

    Fine69 Android Enthusiast

    yes online comics and the app will drain any phone fast. jeez it fires up my fans on my laptop whenever I load it.
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  7. Sammael

    Sammael Member

    It looks so much better than everything else on the market that every time I pull it out to use it I feel like I am making everyone else's phone look like a fisher price toy.
  8. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Have you seen the Blackberry Z10? (IMO) it looks EXACTLY like the HTC One or vice verse.....I don't know which was manufactured first.
  9. Abird!

    Abird! Well-Known Member

    Just googled it, it does look like the One ha in other words good looking phone ;)
  10. Fine69

    Fine69 Android Enthusiast

    Saw Ironman and my phone before the movie was almost more popular than the movie. People saw how bright it was and "I" had cell service they didn't. 4G all day browsing GPS use voice search package tracking lots of blinkfeed reading at 10pm at night 17hrs io use 47 percent battery life. charged in under 3 hours.
  11. clsA

    clsA Android Enthusiast



    Yeah ...can barely tell them apart :rolleyes:
  12. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    My fellow ONE owners...where are you all? Where's all the good conversations about out favorite new toy? This doesn't feel like a newly launched phone thread, which happens to be what I would consider one of the best Android phones that I have ever owned, and I'm not kidding...This phone is absolutely awesome!

    So what have you people, what's the deal! Lets get crackin on talking about this awesome new phone...

    Anyway my points are simple as to what I really like about this phone and why I think it's the top dog right now...This isn't really a review , it's just a short briefing on why I think it deserves some serious attention.

    Great Great call quality, probably the best I've experienced on at&t.

    Awesome screen which I have to say blows away anything I've owned which happens to be alotttttt of phones through out the years.

    The build Quality and feel of the ONE I have is basically fantastic. I know there's been some talk about gaps and the inserts not being cut perfect. Well I ended up exchanging my original one because of some weird LTE issues, and have to say this one is great. No gaps, no sharp edges, and most importantly ...no LTE signal issues. If your experiencing any of those things and are within your exchange period...get a replacement, you'll be happy you did!

    Anyway that's my take, fellow memebers feel free to chime in and conversate.
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  13. marctronixx



    appreciate your enthusiasm.

    I think that the site being not as busy is because the ONE is such a SOLID phone that there is not much needed to ask about. People usually don't come online to post positive things about something--they normally show up to ask questions.

    This phone is literally around the world and for this site to not be ridiculously busy is, to me, a good thing. People are just out enjoying their new device.
  14. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Sorry man, I don't agree! I've been here for many years and am also a member of another forum that will remain anonymous that happens to be really really busy with this phone. However one thing has nothing to do with another...I'm just saying.

    No offense but people like to conversate about positives, not only negatives which IMO lead to alot of arguing.

    However lately, more then ever...I see a huge amount of new threads being merged with other threads, and that's fine if it's about the same subject.

    Either way, that's fine. I would like to post more often, but as of late it seems extremely quite in here so I figured that my thread would give ONE owners a little boost and a place to post that's not per say a review thread, but just a place to discuss the ONE.
  15. Abird!

    Abird! Well-Known Member

    To chime in, yes this phone is awesome! I love it and I love the fact that people (coworkers, friends, family) can't deny how great this phone looks and feels in your hand :)
  16. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest


    Admittedly things may seem a bit terse here,but,coming from another phone forum here where the exact opposite was the rule instead of the exception,it's a welcome change. ;)

    Things are kept orderly to stay on-topic & facilitate ease-of-use.

    The lounge section of A/F,IMHO,is better suited for the opinions/polls/etc... & why not take up the honor & start an HTC ONE WATERING HOLE thread in the lounge. :)
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  17. marctronixx


    and that is your right. That's the beauty of this country.

    Not to be misunderstood, people don't JUST post negatives all the time, but more often than not this is the case.

    Off topic: threads are moved/merged as need be to facilitate a tidy and organized forum. /off topic

    Now since you want to hear positives, lets get back to the regularly scheduled program and yap about how amazing this phone is.. ;)

  18. 86s12

    86s12 Lurker

    Now that I have had my One for 5 days I decided to share my thoughts.

    Build quality: Phone looks and feels great, not much more to say that hasn't been said a billion times already. The only other thing I will mention is people complaining about gaps, dead pixels etc. My phone has no gaps and after spending time looking for dead pixels on different backgrounds and brightnesses I have not been able to find any. So after some fears that are laid to rest I am blown away with the quality of this handset.

    Screen: Screen looks fantastic, With power saver off it blows my Galaxy S away ( yes i know its old, but still a nice amoled display. Coming from the over saturated screen I must say I love the "real to life" looking display as well as its sharpness. I feel like I'm looking at a plasma tv compared to some over saturated led ones. Also like I said earlier no dead or stuck pixels that I can find.

    Battery Life: I am kind of on the fence with this one and need some more time to really make a judgement. I was able to get 35 hours out of it with 1 hour call time, 3:20 screen on time, 17:30 wifi, and included maybe an hour or so of field runners 2, an hour of chrome, 20 txts, and some music. Using it just as a phone Im sure I could stretch it for 3 days.


    That being a plus, I must say I am a little shocked at how fast the battery can drain when using the phone. Playing games can knock 15% of your battery in like 20 minutes. Surfing the net sees the battery drain a percent every couple minutes maybe and watching videos drains it pretty quick also. Its just more than I thought is all. I can still get 15-20 hours using the phone heavily as long as I am not playing games and that's all I really need it to do.

    ** Keep in mind that I was mainly using the phone at home with low signal. Battery life will probably be better in a high signal area**

    Call quality/Reception: I have seen rumours of "antennagate" bad reception, bad call quality etc. On my phone, I cannot get signal to drop even holding it with both hands covering the whole phone. Not to mention I have bad signal at home, my Galaxy gets 0 bars to no connection and even at 0 bars it wont make a call. The One gets between 1 and 2 bars. It makes perfect calls, and even once when it dropped to 0 bars I did not notice any quality changes. This is amazing, my wife's and friends phones don't get signal either. I can sit in the middle of my house and make phones and has not dropped one call.

    Call quality is also spectacular, It sounds like I am on my home phone. Honestly 10/10 to me the signal strength and call quality alone make this phone a blockbuster. Add in that it gets full wifi signal across the house (Our laptops can't even manage this) and I am glad I chose The One.

    *Edit* as promised signal picture, the galaxy on the right shows 0 bars with -111 but as soon as you touch it it drops to 0, the -105 or lower that i get with the htc one doesn't drop when I hold it at all.


    Sound: The sound is loud, and front facing which really is a huge plus. I just would't go in thinking its going to sound like real speakers. More like decent laptop speakers. Which is still great compared to any other phone....I just think some reviewers tend to blow the sound quality out of proportion.

    Camera: It really does take good low light pictures, its pretty cool how much extra light it can see. In the limited amount of pictures I have taken they have all turned out pleasing, however as we know, this probably is not the camera for you if you crop pictures.... details become grainy pretty quickly. One thing I really like about the camera is the focus and shutter speed, it really takes pictures quickly.

    Video camera quality is very good, and I am quite happy with its performance. Zoe is pretty cool as well.

    Some notes: I just thought I would put down a few notes of some other things I have noticed. One annoying thing is at one point the battery was not updating, it would run down 10% and still not update. I would have to reboot to get it to update. After charging to full this issue seems to have gone away...we will see if it returns at some point. Another thing is Facebook pictures in my gallery. Its not a deal breaker I would just rather not have them there. My google sync stopped working and I had to delete my account and re add it...I'm not sure what the issue was but seems to be fixed now. Sense is great, I really enjoy it and it really is FAST no lag at all at any time. I even like blink feed.

    Conclusion: Even with a few little issues this phone is the best phone I have ever seen. Build quality is fantastic, and the signal strength issues that have plagued me are solved with this device. I recommend it whole heartedly and I am positive most people that own it do as well. One other thing, I am using a Incipio duelpro CF case, and I am super happy with it. Protects the phone but still keeps it small and it looks really good also. Thumbs up to incipio.

    ** Canadian HTC One through Telus on the Sasktel Network.**
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  19. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    THX for the detailed review 86s12 & WELCOME TO ANDROID FORUMS! :

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  20. 86s12

    86s12 Lurker

    Thanks, long time lurker first time poster. I guess that shows how thrilled I am with the phone. Exceeded my expectations by far. I really was worried about seeing all the low signal, bad build quality, dead/stuck pixels, broken cameras etc. but so far none of these have been even close to the truth. I am sure there is some truth to all these claims but just realize this is my first HTC one ( no returns or exhanges), and to my eyes it is perfect so don't let the small minority change your mind and go with a different phone. If you like the one it won't disappoint.

    Also will update my post late with a side by side signal comparison to my galaxy because it seems to be the one part you cant find much word on.
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  21. Desert Cactus

    Desert Cactus Member

    So I just bought this phone yesterday. I will do a mini review here and hopefully do a further review later.

    Display: One of the best display I've seen recently. I love the display on the iPhone but this one is just as good but with more resolution and of course higher pixel density. I'm not disappointed so far.

    Performance: Absolutely no LAG so far. I have the original Evo and stutter and lag would drive me crazy sometimes (which almost make me transition to an iPhone) but this thing perform like a champ. Although sometime Androids begin to lag much later on, but I get the feeling it won't happen to this phone.

    Looks and build quality: All the people that I have shown this phone to is in awe. One of them is even thinking about getting one and he uses the iPhone!

    Camera: The camera on this is quite good especially the low night. It actually captures pictures better than what I can visual see.

    UI: I'm overall happy with sense and I have stuff up and running but I not totally please. Navigation is simple and easy.

    GSP: seems to look instantly the time I tested it. Needs more testing.

    Now for the not so great:

    Overall I love this phone, but the glass is not totally in aline with the speaker piece. The glass is sticking out a little which is giving me the feeling that I can cut myself on the glass although this is not possible. I might return this one for another before my 14 days are over.

    I think the data reception might actually be just a tad bit slower to switch on 3G than my original Evo.

    4G LTE is suppose to blanket Boston but I rarely get reception at my house and my job which is strange as WiMax are very workable on both locations. When I leave my building, I do get fast LTE but well....I'm don't use data when walking. For this reason I was thinking of returning the phone and keep using my Evo until the LTE build is more complete.

    On the plus side, 3G is fast enough for me to stream youtube videos and music so I'm ok at this time.

    I keep thinking, maybe I could wait a bit and get another phone with a Snapdragon 800, but I guess I should stop with that mentality as something better will always be around the corner.

    Three quick questions:

    1) Is there a back arrow key somewhere for going backwards? In the original Evo there which made navigating the phone a bit easier.

    2) How easy is it to root this phone?

    3) Is there a way to change my handle for ThermoEvo to something else? I never liked it very much.
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  22. colonel

    colonel Newbie

    I have been looking for a phone to upgrade from my iPhone 5 for sometime.

    I missed the screen size and resolution of my old Galaxy Siii and although the iPhone is very nice there are a number of frustrations. For example having to go home button-next screen-settings-WiFi-off/on just to toggle WiFi is ridiculous, or to not have any browser choices with flash, etc. etc.*

    Studying the market it seems it's between the One and the S4. The Sony Z has a few unique features but is not attractive. Other phones like the Motorola HD are nice but not really comparable on features. Once you have seen a 1920 screen you can't really go back.
    On paper the S4 has a slight advantage although I applaud HTC for trying to end the pointless pixel war. As a amateur photographer I can say that all mobile phone cameras are cr@p so why have bigger files which just waste space ?*

    However once the phones are in your hand it's another story. The One is just beautiful. It it a phone you really want to just pickup.

    I went to buy a S4 and came out with a One, for pretty much the same price.
    The S4 is not only plastic fantastic but the design is still stuck in the iPhone 3 groove which Samsung originally copied.
    The S4 is a great phone, but for me the One is almost perfect. The screen size and weight, the design, the georgeous screen, the software, the speed.

    Sure, nothing is perfect, the One get a bit warm in use, it would be nice to have a SD card slot, a polishing cloth would be nice in the box [​IMG] etc. but this really feels like sniping.

    It's difficult to know where phones go from here. Apart from 1tb of flash storage and a 5000mah battery I can't think of anything. I don't need more size, resolution or speed really. I suppose a display port or HDMI would be good with a keyboard and mouse in the box to use as a computer, I mean this is more powerful then most peoples PCs and Macs right ?

    I take my hat off to HTC and wish them speedy restoration of their former glory!
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  23. colonel

    colonel Newbie

    umm, isn't that the touch button on the bottom left ?
  24. Desert Cactus

    Desert Cactus Member

    I meant back and forward. The arrow is back but where is the forward?
  25. colonel

    colonel Newbie

    ahh, different request.
    you are right. the fwd is in the menu for most apps, but its up to them how they implement it

    to be honest I have never seen a phone ever that has a separately articulated fwd button, but its possible I missed a few

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