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Real world reviews & comments from actual users

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Howlingdakota, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    If you have a clock widget you just press clock then the Alarm you want to set then choose the Alarm sound of Silent. Do this once on the first Alarm and then when you want a silent Alarm just choose that one. Vibrate is checked off by default. Everything you do requires steps on any platform be it Windows, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. How would you design this to reduce steps? Just curious. In my life I would never need an Alarm to be Silent (I use mine to wake up) so I probably would design something with that in mind.


  2. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    You still would have to go to the Alarm menu and make a selection. My point is you can't please everyone when designing an OS. Whomever designed the dock did so for a reason. I can see where it would make Sense to do it (pun intended) even if I don't particularly care for it. Agree to disagree.
  3. gonowhere

    gonowhere Android Enthusiast

    Can also do SETTINGS > SOUND > VOLUMES

    SMALBA Android Enthusiast

    I know this phone comes with beats software but how does that affect music on beats tour in ear headphones? Do they sound any better than if you use them with another phone like the s3?

    I read some reviews and everyone talks about the bom sound and the speakers but I never read anything on improving sound quality through actual beats headphones.
  5. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

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  6. Wilkas

    Wilkas Android Enthusiast

    Beats headphones aren't rated highly on this site but I've found mine to sound amazing and they do improve the sound quality.. I listen to stuff like Pink Floyd, Hendrix and mostly rock music and I find they work really well with that. The headphones you get with the one look like unbranded beats and sound pretty decent for stock headphones.

    I got my beats free with my One X, I don't think I would have bought them otherwise as I'm not a fan of the garish looks of them and any decent make headphones will sound good with this phone. I really like the fit of my wifes new earpods that she got with her iPod 5G and the sound quality is great on them, they cost a third of what beats cost in my country but aren't far behind in quality.
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  7. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

  8. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Are there people out there who actually listen to anything else? :)
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  9. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    You're telling me you're not a belieber? :eek:

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  10. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Frank Sinatra my kind sir...With a little bit of Rage against the Machine every now and then...hehehe!
  11. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Ok so I will be posting some pics of my non carrier branded HTC ONE from Tmobile tomorrow as soon as mine arrives, as I am basically nexus 4less right now. My better judgement was to sell it now and get as much as I could for it and decided to just grab an HTC ONE for my Tmobile line and give it a good week under my roof and go from there. Hey if it really ends up not being for my liking I can always give the S4 a whirl, we'll see.

    Hopefully I get a good one with no build quality issues and what not, and since LTE should be live here in NYC really soon, I'm sure I could deal with HSPA+ for a month or two.

    In the HTC ONE pool I have jumped :D
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  12. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Alright,I finally get to post in this forum as an actual owner. :D

    Just been setting up,etc.... as you would w/any new phone,finding that a methodical A to Z approach,first settings,then applications,is a quick way to get familiarized w/the basics ,especially in a new-to-you manufacturer U/I.

    Initial impressions,I like just about everything,I'd be hard pressed to single out anything negative that I can't simply disable.

    Overall build quality,feel-in-hand,button/control placement,display,audio,call quality are all top-notch.Only feature that I haven't given much of a look is the camera,but,I let the store clerk test it out (not a single ONE w/T-MOBILE to be had in my area at all) & she loved it.

    Not much else to say,except:

    THIS PHONE ROCKS! :rock: :thrasher:
  13. That_One_Guy

    That_One_Guy Newbie

    I won't touch on things that have already been discussed, but I just wanted to point out one thing. I took my girl to a concert on Tuesday and took several videos. We were about 25 ft from the stage and the speakers were rockin. However, when watching the videos later, I was AMAZED at how clear the audio was. It sounded CRYSTAL clear. It sounded like I was listening to the radio version of the song. Zero distortion or audio issues. This is something that has been an issue on every other phone I've ever owned.
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  14. andyacecandy

    andyacecandy Well-Known Member

    Just worked some Craigslist magic. Sold my iPhone 5 for $400 and found a HTC One for $480... not bad not bad for not having to sign a 2 year contract renewal :)

    Set it all up and I echo many reviews. Build quality is superb, it's like an even more premium version of an iPhone but with Android inside and out... perfect. To put it simply, this phone is sexy.

    From what I've seen so far in the camera, I really enjoy it. It takes pictures REALLY fast, which is nice (I've had phones in the past that take a lot of time focusing before snapping the actual picture). The iPhone is always good at this, so it's nice that the HTC One is as well.
    In regards to picture quality, I had time when I had both phones in my hand for comparison. In darker pictures, it outperformed the iPhone 5. In daylight pictures, it didn't look worse than the iPhone 5... it was definitely less dynamic? but at the same time, it seemed more detailed. To the naked eye, the iPhone 5 pictures look slightly better because they're a bit more enhanced/vibrant... But all the settings and features that most Android cameras have absolutely trumps what the iPhone gives you.

    Still tweaking with everything. Some qwerks like the big black menu bar at the bottom for certain apps and photo gallery showing Facebook stuff is kind of annoying, but nothing too bad. I didn't like that the stock texting app didn't have popup notifications, as I use these to quickly reply back to people... so I went and got Handcent. The stock keyboard is okay, but I mean Swiftkey is in a league of its own.

    About 8 hours in and I'm loving this phone. Can't get over how sleek it looks and how good it feels in the hand.
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  15. Wilkas

    Wilkas Android Enthusiast

    I never said I wasn't.. he's right up there with the Floyd, doors, Beatles etc... :thrasher:

  16. erichg1000

    erichg1000 Member

    erm does anyone know how to change my association - when i click a youtube link in FB it takes me to my browser instead of opening YT app
  17. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
    VIP Member

    Try selecting the browser in the Applications menu then choosing "clear defaults".
  18. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    I would include Sinatra and Rage in the company of Floyd and Hendrix for sure!
  19. sikclown

    sikclown Android Expert

    Ok found a quicker way. Hit your volume rocker (either up or down; doesn't matter) then click the gear and then slide the Alarm volume all the way down. Not sure if that forces vibrate but you can lower the volumes pretty quickly this way.
  20. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    So let me start by saying I'm one of those individuals that go for aesthetics first when buying my phone. The ONE performance,looks and display stand up against the competition in my opinion. The built is silently clean,simple yet elegant.Whenever someone see it they praise me on how beautiful it is. HTC has given Android that beauty of a phone that some claim Android lack. This phone wasn't ment to be loaded with features like an S4. HTC was going for a design like no other and I think they succeeded. Live, Love and Laugh.
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  21. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Well got mine last night and have been pretty busy setting up and getting used to sense...lol

    My initial thoughts are that I like the feel of the device. Feels pretty good in the hand as a whole...definitely better feeling then the nexus 4 that I've been using for the last 6 months

    Build quality is fairly good on mine, I'd say a 7 out of 10. No big gaps, a tiny lift of the white plastic up top in between the power and Mic jack, and a tiny dead pixel in the left hand middle corner of the screen. 10's are hard to come by with any manufacturer these days...Anyone who disagrees is either really lucky or doesnt pick up on the little things, but I haven't gotten a perfect phone out of the box in some time. That goes for my last 3 phones, the nexus 4, the iPhone 5, and now the HTC ONE.

    As for the actual phone it makes great phone calls, it's a very speedy device, here's my take on a few things...some bad, some good.

    The sound is great, very loud and clear when playing music or a video. These speakers are awesome!

    Not loving the soft buttons and how you have to touch them precisely in order for them to register a touch.

    I feel the screen looks to be a tab to washed out, just my take on it, I felt the same way about the nexus 4 months back and them became very used to it and liked it after a few days, we'll see!

    On a personal note I'm having issues migrating from an iPhone 5 where people with an iPhone can't get through to me with a text, it's still showing as going through as an imessage on they're side, very weird. And neither at&t or apple has been able to help...very annoying.

    The camera is ok, not great, but not bad. I'll put it this way...Better then the nexus 4, but not as good as the iPhone 5. That's my initial thoughts on it, mabe some tinkering the next few days will change that opinion..we'll see.

    Battery life needs a few days to really get a break in for me to give an honest answer on whether it's yay or nay...

    Not liking blink feed or sense 5 to much, nova may need to get downloaded faster then I thought...lol

    That's it for now...Time for a nap.
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  22. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Android Expert

    Does it work if you just have OTA antenna?
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  23. misplacetexan

    misplacetexan Newbie

    You can program the remote to control your TV.:)
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  24. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    Yes.During the set-up process,you're queued to enter your COUNTRY>ZIP CODE(USA)>PROVIDER>OTA & proceed from there.
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