Realistic battery life?


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There are plenty of posts on how to improve battery life (turn off GPS, etc.) I've also read posts from people who get really crappy battery life and others who get 36+ hours of usage (not pure standby). I've had my phone for exactly one week and the usage has stabilized to the point where I'm consistently at 10% or less by 6pm, after approximately 11 hours off the charger. So that contains my typical usage, which includes push email from work (using Good), twitter updates every 30 minutes via Falcon Pro, and random web and email. I usually have Spotify running on my morning and evening commutes (about 25 minutes each way), but that's from a downloaded playlist so it's not streaming. I'm on Verizon and have an unrooted phone.

So this is my baseline. I'm attaching some shots here that show a typical day of usage (down to 30-40% by right after lunch). Again, I'm not asking for tips to improve my battery life, for example I have high-accuracy location services turned on and I know that's a common drain. There are plenty of other threads for that. I'm more interested in how this compares with what you normally see.







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To be honest, the realistic life for my phone gets me through a day, and then some. I want to say about mid-way through my ownership with the original Moto X, it became a non-issue to me (a good thing), and I'm glad this is also the case with the 14 model.

Anyway, I usually produce about two hours worth of screen-on time with typical usage, so I expect about ~four hours, give or take, depending on some other factors. This is with everything on, including high-accuracy GPS, Google Now, BT, Wifi, etc., treating a smartphone like a smartphone. At worst, I can kill the battery within some hours, at best, I can stretch it into a second day. I've done both.


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I get about 2 hours screen time total on a typical work day and it lasts me throughout the day,even a little more.The most I've had it for was for a 1 day 1 hour and some minutes before it died

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I've only had it for about a week so far. It is so much better than my old Galaxy Nexus was. I usually plug it in at night after about 12hrs with 30-40% remaining. At that point I've usually run with about 2hrs of screen-on time. I am only syncing Gmail, Calendar, Music, Chrome, etc. Nothing constant like Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Google+ seems to be a big drain and always has. I rarely stream, but doing so certainly drains the battery quickly. I've also got the high accuracy location set.

I can't complain about battery life, though I wish I had root so I could get more battery info and determine what is keeping my phone awake so much. I suspect it is much of the Moto stuff but I don't know.