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Really extended battery (not oem)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 9volt321, May 24, 2011.

  1. 9volt321

    9volt321 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was searching for an extended battery for the Droid 2 and the one from Motorola is 1840mAh. But i kept on searching and found one from gorilla gadgets with 3500mAh adds a lot to the device, any thoughts?

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  2. scorp64va

    scorp64va Member

    Very thick! You won't be able to use any docks or covers with that big ape hanging on your phones back. :)
    On the other hand, with normal use that thing should last for several days before needing to be recharged.
  3. rrolff

    rrolff Newbie

    I use the thing a lot - so the stock battery lasts 1/2 day sometimes...

    The 'extended batteries' are also available on EBay.

    It's kinda a must to get (2) batteries - so one can be charging while the other is in the phone.

    On Ebay, you can get a battery + new Droid 2 back plate (you need this) + wall charger that the battery sits in and charges - delivered for $15. An extra battery and back plate costs like $11 delivered.

    So for $26 you get (2) batteries, (2) backings (you only need one), and a charger.

    Downside 1 - the chargers only come from China - same with lowest cost batteries - so delivery takes around 2 weeks.

    Downside 2 - the batteries state they are 3500 mAh - they are really more like 2700 - but that's still more than twice the life of stock.

    Downside 3 - there are no cases currently available that fit. I ended up buying the body glove (a nice case btw) - and used a dremel to cut a hole in the backing to accommodate the larger battery size.

    Bottom line - I couldn't keep this phone if it wasn't for these big batteries. I also like having a charged spare - because sometimes I can go through one of these large ones in a day....
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  4. 9volt321

    9volt321 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    well i got the extended battery and here is a picture of battery manager

  5. gigawattbri

    gigawattbri Lurker

    Hello! I just purchased the "3500 mah" battery from Gorilla gadgets. It seems from reading different posts that is battery is really a 2700? Thank you for you post btw.

    I've had it a couple days now, and while its working better than my old battery, its not performing the way it should.

    What is the charging procedure? I know you should drain it down. Do you have to do this for several days before it will really hold a charge?
  6. 9volt321

    9volt321 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    First things first did you change any of your average activities since you got the new battery like more widgets or apps? That could make the battery not seem up to snuff
    the Mah that is just and estimated capacity depending on how much the battery could hold so the original battery 1400Mah could actually be 1290 for example. take a look at this BatteryBoss Calls Out False Capacity Claims!
    And you shouldn't have to do any charging procedure besides a full charge after getting the battery and maybe 3 times after that but that should be all.

    I hope this helps :D
  7. ckeegan

    ckeegan Android Enthusiast

    If that's with the 3500mAh battery, that is awful. I have had the Moto extended battery since I got my Droid 2 (a week after launch), and I typically see 14-17 hours on a charge. That might not see like a lot, but according to your image, you don't use your phone as a phone very much.

    I didn't screen shot it, but the other day I took note of my usage since I was arguing in the Engadget comments with an Apple fanboy about how widgets aren't "battery-hogging":

    Anyway, with nearly double the battery, and as little talk time it looks like you have on your phone, you should clear A LOT more than 32 hours. Keep in mind, my battery is almost a year old.
  8. 9volt321

    9volt321 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was playing tap tap 4, that sucks a lot of battery power
  9. iks

    iks Lurker

    Will any extended battery work with my Droid 2 car and home docks?
  10. chris17neji

    chris17neji Lurker

    I have an extended battery the only thing is the Stock battery measurement/display is not very good. Hell it will tell you your at one percent when really your like halfway. I have done the Drained it all the way down and charge it up just about any trick. I use voltage based readings by Battery Monitor by SIMMO. Its working with me.

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