Really irritating music problem


I just updated Google play and now only playlists show. I have to bring up albums from the search function unless I want to create a billion new playlists. I also seem to have playlists that I don't remember ever creating. I used Google play because I imported some of my itunes albums. Can I use those albums with the Samsung Music Player? If so, how do I get them to show up in the Samsung Music Player.

Thanks if you can help.


Android Expert
Samsung's music player only shows music that's physically on the device, whereas the Google Play Music app shows what you have in their cloud. If there is something you want to have on the actual device you need to physically put it there. By iTunes albums do you mean albums that you bought on iTunes? If so you may need to convert them to mp3 first, which is easy, just highlight them and click "create mp3 version." Sorry i can't help more but I don't quite understand the entirety of what you're saying.