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Really Surprised about the Vivid/Raider

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheIgster, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. TheIgster

    TheIgster Member
    Thread Starter

    I have to say, I'm really surprised by the lack of posts in this form for the Vivid (Raider is what my version is called - from Rogers here in Canada).

    I had a Samsung Captivate and there are a ton of posts in that forum. Yes, that phone has been out a lot longer, but still, the amount of posts compared to this forum is staggering. I guess the Raider is not all that popular.

    I had the Captivate for close to a year and the Raider now for 4 days and all I can say is wow, the Raider kicks the Cappy's butt. Yes, the Raider is much newer technology, but the screen is amazing, the power of this phone is fantastic and the HTC experience is so much better than the Samsung experience. I find myself no longer loading any third party apps I had loaded on the Cappy such as an SMS app or a launcher or third party email apps or even a contacts app.

    Out of the box, this phone is simply a great phone. And it is sooooo nice not to have that lag anymore, every time I tried to do something or even when I simply turned the screen on. The Raider is so responsive. So glad I chose this phone.

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  2. stgeorge88

    stgeorge88 Lurker

    Back in the days htc dream and magic were probably the only android phones and there were tons of attention on xda. I guess today there are simply way too many models available in the market so ppl get diversified into different options and devs too for that matter.
    An imaginary extreme would be everyone having a different model and, good luck cooking ur own rom lol
    But ya totally loving my raider so far.
  3. XtremeEd27

    XtremeEd27 Lurker

    Do you guys know if you can upgrade the Raider to ICS?
  4. TheIgster

    TheIgster Member
    Thread Starter

    Depends on where you are at. I'm pretty sure the ICS update has been released in the U.S. but we don't have it yet here in Canada. I'm with Rogers and I asked them about this. It's coming, just not out yet. Not sure what the hold up is. They couldn't give me a date either.
  5. XtremeEd27

    XtremeEd27 Lurker

    Yeah I'm in Canada like you fellows. I'm getting a Raider tomorrow or the next day as they didn't have any in stock and have to get them from another store.
  6. yukonsjoy

    yukonsjoy Newbie

    My EVO 3D died the other day, and they are claiming water and/or physical damage and they can't repair, so I am impatiently awaiting my replacement Raider. Can't wait, anything is better than this iPhone 3G!
  7. zflamewing

    zflamewing Android Enthusiast

    I'm rocking the Vivid from AT&T Mobility in the states and I've been on ICS for awhile now. The phone got a bit smoother with the ICS update. My only issue currently, which is no fault of HTC's, is on ICS I can't get the sense weather animations on the unlocking of my phone if I use Widget Locker. It's a very minor annoyance for me so I don't sweat it at all. I love the phone all around and ICS just made it all a bit better.
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  8. BigCiX

    BigCiX Android Expert

    That was the only real TRUE android device at the time. Not counting Motorolo's backflip.
  9. kusal

    kusal Lurker

    the only problem with vivid is that the battery drains very quickly,
    is anyone know a solution or some kind of a patch to this problem ?
  10. calikevin

    calikevin Lurker

    Try some custom ROMs if you're rooted, I love the battery life on my De-Sensed Vivid.

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