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Realme UI: Android 10 (Tips & Tricks)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rob, Jan 29, 2020.

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    Realme UI based on Android 10 has started rolling out for both the Realme 3Pro and Realme XT! Here is an overview of the features:

    What's New: Realme UI Tips & Tricks
    • Dark Mode in Display Settings (set from sunset to sunrise!)
    • Crop Screenshots
      • Tap and hold 3 fingers on the sceren
    • Screen Recording with Internal Audio
      • Quick Settings > Long Press Screen Recording
    • Quick open one-handed mode
      • Settings > Convenience Tools > Navigation Buttons > Pull Down to Enter One-Handed Mode
    • Personal information protection in settings!
    • Swipe down for notifications instead of Global Search (finally)
      • Home Screen & Lock Screen Magazine
    • Double Tap Home Screen to Lock Screen
      • Settings > Home Screen & Lock Screen Magazine
    • Realme Share (Airdrop alternative)
    • Dual Mode Music Share
      • Connect bluetooth headphones AND wired headphones to phone
      • Enable "Dual Earphones" in settings
      • Take phone calls on one headphones while listening to music on the other!
    • Camera UI improvements
      • Jump between settings much more easily!
    • Focus Mode
      • Quick setting that blocks notifications
      • Set time duration or manually exit
    • Customize Icons on Realme UI
      • Default, Material Style, or Pebble style options
      • Enable "Custom" to change background size and icon size
    • Other changes include:
      • Process Manager
      • Screen Lighting Effects
      • Dynamic Wallpapers
      • Riding Mode for Bikers
      • Improved Sidebar
      • Animations for Fingerprint Unlock

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