Realms of Fortune

Hi everyone, I just finished developing an epic RPG game for Android. You can visit for more information.







Realms of Fortune is a fantasy RPG for the Android platform that features 3D graphics and real-time first person combat. It is a one person game in which you play a treasure hunter seeking his fortune in a newly discovered realm.

Current Features

Here are some of the features implemented in the current version.

  • A very large, randomly generated world full of lakes, hills, dungeons and more. Each game you play is a whole new adventure.
  • Dozens of unique creatures.
  • Real-time, first person combat and exploration.
  • A huge variety of upgradeable weapons and armor.
  • Firearms, including scoped weapons.
  • The ability to create potions from plants that you find.
  • Seamless world, even when going in and out of dungeons.
  • Swimming, diving, and underwater dungeons.
  • Fishing and hunting.
  • An exciting main quest.
looks great! any plans to add weapons to the you can actually see what you are carying?
looks great! any plans to add weapons to the you can actually see what you are carying?
I wanted to have this feature, but sadly it probably won't be added until version 2.0. It's an indie game and I don't have any money left for new 3D models.

BTW, I uploaded a new version today. Players can now save snapshots of the game state at any time. I also fixed a serious multi-touch bug and raised the level cap for the trial version.
Hey! I know this thread is old but I can't find any current ones. I just had some questions, I'll probably email u if u don't answer this. I was wondering is there a place where we can see updates on how the game is coming along? Honestly I was expecting to see large threads dedicated to this game bc it's so awesome!

I just discovered it so I'm still playing the trial version, which leads me to my second question. Is there any plans to make this game free? I'm not sure how all that works but seems like a great game like this could get some sponsers to put some ads in? It's no big deal, I'm just wondering bc I'm only 16 and I still have to depend on the parents for money (they don't like me spending money on phone games :( ). Anyway I'll probably buy it soon anyway bc I'm currently applying for jobs so I'll finally have my own cash!

Please answer if u see this! And please keep updating the game and making it better! I know it must be a lot of work since it's probably just u and a few other guys working on it but this game is really good and I'm sure more people would buy it if they knew about it! I'm going to suggest this game to my friends. u guys have a lot of great ideas!
Thanks steveo46, glad you are enjoying the game.

I've decided not to do any major updates for this version of Realms of Fortune. Instead I am concentrating on version 2.0, but the beta probably won't be ready for at least 6 more months. RoF2 will be much more ambitious and include features such as co-op exploration of dungeons.

I am considering making RoF1 free at the beginning of 2012. However, I will give some sort of bonus content in RoF2 to anyone who bought the original game. Also keep in mind that any money I get from RoF1 will help support the development of RoF2.
Hey it's me again. Never got a chance to thank u for answering my question. I changed internet browsers on my phone and lost the bookmark lol! Anyway I found it again so that I could thank u and I had a couple more quick questions. One, is there a forum or website where I can keep up to date with the production of realms of fortune 2.0? Also got any idea about when it will be released? sounds like u guys got some really cool ideas for 2.0! pretty ambitous for a indy game! U guys are very talented! Thanks for answering my questions :)
hello creator? gosh... this thread is so old i should probably post in hieroglyphics . just wanted to say amazing job with ROF, but it's been ages since we have heard anything from you. I have a few questions, but id first like to know if maby your still even bothering with updates or the infamous ROF ver. 2.0?