Realtime tracking of your children...

Hello this my second post and i have question about tracking.

What im looking for is an app that will track in realtime using Google maps or similar.All i have been able to find are cloud/server based apps that required some kind of 3rd party.My daughter has my old mytouch and i would like to be able to see where she is at all times.

Is there such an app???



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No such thing really gps doesn't work well indoors/basements/malls , where kids typically hang out.

Google latitude is the closest you will get and mostly uses cell towers as locations.(which could easily put her location a few miles from where she really is)

Have you looked into AVG for android? it does offer the ability to locate the phone if installed. And I believe you can password protect it, so that it can't be disabled.

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I figured there was not but thought i would ask anyway.Latitude tells everybody where you are at...correct????

I will look into AVG

Thanks for the info.