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Reasons for the Dinc 2 - Can't decide!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leonardotmnt, May 23, 2011.

  1. leonardotmnt

    leonardotmnt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm going to be upgrading from a Blackberry Curve 8330 in June and I thought it'd be a relatively easy decision but now I can't decide. I was thinking the Dinc 2 was the way to go but now I've started thinking about the Thunderbolt and X2 coming out. Is the Dinc 2 what I should go with? I know it's subjective but I need some help here.

    I originally thought about ruling out the X2 because of the size but is the higher res and dual core worth it? And I originally thought the Thunderbolt was substantially bigger but realized it's the same physical size as the Dinc 2 and has LTE and apparently a lot of developer support. Would anyone that has a Dinc 2 change their mind and go with one of the others or is this the phone to get? Thanks!

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  2. It took me forever to decide on my first smart phone. My Dinc 2 is shipping tomorrow from Costco. I kept reading where the tbolt is a brick and I want to carry my phone in my pocket. Some might say it's too big but I'll make it work. The x2 sounds like a great phone but how much faster can it really "seem" or actually be?
  3. Choirgirl21

    Choirgirl21 Newbie

    I played with both the Inc 2 and the Thunderbolt in the store and I was actually surprised that I didn't find the tbolt prohibitively big or heavy, and this is from a person upgrading from an LG env.

    Having said that, I chose the Inc 2 because I figured dealing with the battery life would be enough of an adjustment for me with my upgrade that I didn't need the additional issues with the Thunderbolt. But, for me, 4G isn't all that important and while I did notice the tbolt was faster, it wasn't enough so that I'd care.

    I really think it depends on what you want from your phone, and what you plan to do with it. For me, it just wasn't worth the poorer battery life for the upgrades you get with the tbolt.

    And, for the record, I LOVE my Incredible 2! And I'm still figuring out all of the stuff that I can do with it.
  4. leonardotmnt

    leonardotmnt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone have any issues with choppiness in the browser? I've really only seen it on one review but someone mentioned that pinch to zoom and scrolling wasn't completely smooth so I didn't know if it might be an issue.
  5. njtexas

    njtexas Newbie

    I'm also upgrading shortly from a BB curve 8330 to a Droid. I'm 99% sure I'm getting the Incredible 2. My friend has the T-bolt. Just seems to big..I'm going to go to the verizon store today and hold the Dinc2.

    Yes, 4G is great--and I live in a 4G area...part of me feels that coming from my BB curve 8330 to an incredible 2 will be enough--and that I won't really need 4G

    I'll let you know what I decide!
  6. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    I passed on the TB for the Inc2 mostly because of what I've read about the poor battery like on LTE.

    Also, having went to the store and played with the TB, Inc2, and the X I found the Inc2 much more enjoyable. Over the X I preferred HTC's Sense UI. Over the TB I liked how the Inc2 fit in my hand. I like doing things on my phone with one hand and this was done easier with the Inc2. Also, 4G is not a big deal to me so I could not justify the extra money for the TB
  7. 33+ hours off the charger
    6:12 screen on time
    32% battery left

    Oh yeah, perfect size, weight and great response.

    Not telling you what to do, just the facts......
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  8. WindShear

    WindShear Lurker

    I got the Dinc2 shortly after it came out. I am amazed at how great a phone it is, and how Verizon is ignoring it. Battery life is even better than the Droid2 I had, the virtual keyboard is easy to use (it has direction arrows to make corrections easier). I have had NO issues with this phone at all. 4G is a great marketing tool, but it really doesn't help the end user-Oh, wait! I can tell the difference between a 3G 1/2 second download and a 1/3 second 4G download! Yeah, right.
  9. AliceBToklas

    AliceBToklas Member

    I've not had any such issues. I think the phones can be a bit variable though. A few I tried in the stores were total crap but I figured it was just abuse. Can't really tell as many user experiences differ.

    The phone is smooth as silk as far as I'm concerned. Once or twice there was a hesitation but nothing repeatable and could have just been my fingers.
  10. leonardotmnt

    leonardotmnt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys. I think I'll take one more trip to verizon to try them out again firsthand but unless something drastically changes, you've convinced me. I don't think I can deal with the size of the X2 and the TB seems to have too many issues with battery life and reboots. It's been pretty tough waiting this out.

    mountaineerndixie: Have you done anything special to get that kind of battery life? What kind of use have you put it through? I know it has decent life but that's certainly more than I expected. That'd be fantastic.
  11. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    I'm interested in this too. Although I think the Inc2 gets good battery life for an Android phone I'm not getting as good as mountaineerndixie is.
  12. That's just 6 hours of Facebook, twitter, internet. I don't do any gaming and rarely video or music. I do have juice defender on but I was getting 24 hrs. easily before I installed it.

    The phone has a built in power saving mode and I have that set to start when battery gets to 30% and that's it. My rooted Droid 1 gets maybe 12 hours with similar usage.

    HTC got it right for stock users with this phone. Maybe root would do nothing but hurt it.........NAH! LOL

    PS....I think something that may make a difference is to not open any of the bloatware apps that you don't plan on using. I have yet to open Blockbuster, City ID and most of the Verizon apps because of a phobia that if I do it will somehow bring them to life and they may start running by themselves in the future.
  13. VA5oh

    VA5oh Newbie

    Im happy with my purchase. I don't know if I've got a good "copy" but my battery life is great and I haven't had any of the minor issues a few around here have had. It was either this or the Tbolt for me but the zillion threads on its poor battery life scared me away from it. No 4g in my city yet and Im not that interested in a 4g phone until they have more positive reviews then negative ones.
  14. GrammieDroid

    GrammieDroid Member

    My Granddaughter has TB and you can't get it out of her hands. My Daughter has Droidpro and wants to get the Inc2 because she says it has the best Weather App???? Is it true?
  15. Bob-B

    Bob-B Newbie

    I also debated the issue (Dinc2 vs. TB vs. Charge), but of course it really depends on how you use the phone. I live in a 4G area, so any of the choices would have worked. There was part of me that thought I should get a 4G phone just because, but being honest with myself and the way I use a phone (no online gaming, netflicks, etc.) 4G really wasn't such a big deal. I ruled out the TB because of battery issues. I did think the Charge was nice, but it is even bigger that the TB. So once I ruled out the necessity for 4G, the choice was pretty easy. For me, the Dinc2 is a perfect phone, and the real deciding factors were its size, weight, and good battery life. It just fits so nicely in my hand and shirt pocket and is so easy to use with one hand (I do have fairly small hands though). While the size and weight differences when compared side by side don't seem that great, do compare the differences in your hand and where you carry the phone. And relatively speaking for smartphones, the battery life is really good.
  16. evan2000

    evan2000 Newbie

    I got my Dinc2 from VZW about a month ago the first week the battery was so bad. ON one of these post I read about doing a few factory resets. I do three in two days and since then, wow much better. It seems some people needed to do this and other did not. I did and now I'm happy.

    Just my thoughts.

  17. Mallissa

    Mallissa Android Enthusiast

    Get the Incredible 2. I have the Thunderbolt and am on my 4th replacement, and am swapping it out for a DI2. Battery life is horrendous, the recent update issues cause random reboots that they have yet to address, reception is absurd (I live in a large city) and I have had enough. Just my opinion.

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