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Reasons why u chose the g3 over other flagship phones.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by streetkilln, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. streetkilln

    streetkilln Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thought this would be a helpful topic to others thinking about getting the g3.

    My reasons.

    The button placement on the back. Before i got the g2 i wasnt so sure so i went to the store to get a feel of it and it just felt comfortable and meant to be so the g2 was my next phone and now here i am g3.

    The screen and phone size. I feel 5.5 is a good size for a phone, i also like how lg make the screen fit in a good sized phone.

    The ui, when i first looked that the ui on the g2 at the store it felt so much easier and simple to navigate. Plus the customization features are great. So i fell in love with it since then.

    Basically all my reasons are because of the g2. I loved the g2 so i had to get the g3.

  2. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    My my reasons are simple.

    1. Tried the M8 and disliked the overall design and feel of the body.

    2. I hate Samsung
  3. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    Verizon GS5 doesn't offer 32GB option and I wasn't going from a 32GB GS3 to a 16GB GS5. Also a bit more confident G3 will continue to be able to be rooted after updates.

    M8 doesn't have a replaceable battery.
  4. AntimonyER


    LTE signal. I would have gotten the HTC One M8 if it received an LTE signal at my desk. It didn't. The G3 does (albeit it's even more marginal than my DNA was.)
  5. UBRocked

    UBRocked VZW Nexus Please!!!

    The G3 didn't have a "deal breaker" for me. No phone is perfect but there isn't anything about the G3 that gave me reason for pause. Of course I had been following the rumors, announcements, and releases of all major flagships so I was leaning to the G3 for some time and walked into the store about 99% sure of what I was walking out with.

    The M8 is so damn pretty. I really wanted that build quality but knew I would put a case on it so having a metal phone wasn't mandatory. The 4MP (okay...Ultra Pixel) camera was a negative for me. Do I intend on framing a photo from my phone? No...but you may take a picture and want to crop it. Wasn't confident in the M8's pictures being able to hold up to that LOL! Front firing speakers would be nice and I'm sure the folks with the M8 are loving it. Sense is not a bad skin and since I'm not huge on skins over android anyway...the more minimal software was a plus. It was tough ruling this phone out for sure.

    The GS5 is boring to me. It's a nice phone...and I'm a fan of amoled (especially amoled screens that can be seen in sunlight LOL). I don't think you can go wrong with a GS5 but it was flat, uninspired, and looks boring to me (the Note 3 looks much better than the GS5 IMO...and that's not saying much honestly). Touchwiz is not my favorite skin and despite LG seeming to copy off every little thing that Samsung does, they actually seem to do it a little better (at least visually). I would have just wanted for a sexier device if I had bought the SG5. Being waterproof was it's biggest selling point to me but I baby my phones so I'm not real concerned with that. For my daughter...yeah she may need that LOL!

    The Note 3 was a consideration and this is stupid...but I wasn't paying 50 more for an S pen and wasn't going to buy a phone that was about to be replaced in a couple of months. 5.5" screen versus 5.7" screen with a much bigger footprint. The Note 4 will be $300 for some time on contract and nothing it can bring is worth the $200 I would have saved. The Snapdragon 805 is not $200 better LOL!

    The G3 looks great, has a decent skin now, great camera, good build quality, small bezels and a big screen, removable battery, microSD. 2K versus 1080P?...honestly, I would have still bought the G3 with a 1080P display so the 2K is just an added bonus to me. Future proofed with a better resolution display and the 3GB of RAM. This screen is beautiful and the color accuracy is really really good. Maybe I'm just not as picky cause I don't see a problem with brightness and I didn't notice it in the store when comparing it head to head with a GS5. The GS5 looked oversaturated next to the G3 and didn't look superior except for when it comes to the blacks that a amoled screen provides. It may not have the same aesthetics as the M8...but it's close IMO. Really close...especially if using a plastic case on both of them (which I would have done). The G3 has the nice curve that the M8 has, but then it has a couple of things that set it apart. The buttons on the back...some may not like them...but it's genius to me. I don't think I could ever go back to buttons on the side, especially on a big phone. I never hit them on accident when picking up the phone. I never turn my earpiece all the way down when on a call. Then the knock on/knock code feature...that's another genius move. I modded the DNA I had to mirror the knock on feature and knew that was a feature every phone should have regardless of size once I used it for about a day.

    You can't really know how you'll like a device until you live with it though so I was keeping an eye on the 14 day exchange timeline. That lasted about 3 days and then I knew I was keeping this phone. It's everything I hoped it would be and has yet to disappoint on any front.

    Or am I just a fanboy because I like what I bought? Haha!!!
  6. Gremlin256

    Gremlin256 Android Enthusiast

    Had the S4.. Got tired of Samsung basically with there look. Amoled is nice brings out the color out. S5 has no much improvements..

    Note 3 is good but expensive for me to buy. Like USB said, I have also been following the rumors about the G3 since it started. Played with a friends G2 and liked it so was waiting for G3..

    And with 2K screen for $99 + $30 upgrade who would not resist the price compared to $299 note 4 upgrade ...
  7. dubie7006

    dubie7006 Well-Known Member

    1. Screen. Both size and quality. It's something that I know won't go obsolete by next month.

    2. Carrier. I get a discount on Verizon and am not willing to switch at this time. I probably would have gone Nexu5 last year had I not been on VZW.

    3. New toy. Coming from a GNex, I became familiar with buttons on the sides and such. Really just felt like trying out a new form factor i.e. buttons on the back.

    4. Specs. Seems like this is a phone that can last the 2 years of my contract and not really fall off. Sure, something else will come along, but I think this unit can hold the test of time.
  8. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    My G3 was a fantastic phone.

    Very reluctantly I returned it for nothing more than personal preferences. If I wasn't such a heavy user the battery would be fine, but despite my best battery saving techniques it just didn't cut it. Then I'll be the first to admit my Note 3's 5.7" display has me spoiled, and even at that, the ideal size for my use would be 6.0".

    Buttons on the back? Wow! They were just fantastic, easy to become comfortable with, and far better than I would have ever imagined. Great display that was noticeably better if not dramatic, certainly worth it if only it would have been 5.7" especially given how small the phone is.

    Normally quite decisive, this phone is giving me fits, as despite what I've just written I may go back for another... Ha...Ha...Ha. :)
  9. Damar1979

    Damar1979 Android Enthusiast

    Think of the G3 as the majority of what you could possibly want in a phone. Fantastic screen that is first of its kind. 3 gigs of ram, up-to-date processor, expandable storage with already good stock internal storage. And decent to good battery life depending on how you have your phone set up.
  10. streetkilln

    streetkilln Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    All sounds like good reasons
  11. Crashumbc

    Crashumbc Android Expert

    $#%$#% TouchWiz I'll never buy another Samsung with that. Other than that I love the S5 hardware Waterproof? yes please.

    The M8 To be honest, it looked nice but no SD slot, no removable battery. and it was BARELY smaller than the G3 but with a MUCH smaller screen... To add I DO like what HTC did with the phone to different themselves from other flagship phones. If I was someone who watched movies/trailers/etc on my phone without headphone. front speakers would be awesome. I've been out and had people try and play (insert hot movie) trailers, it never works because you can't hear.

    The G3, I very much like the the qHD screen but to be honest I would have given it up for 1080p and better battery life. That's (So far) my only small gripe. Now the Battery has been holding up pretty good, but I'm a heavy user and more is always better.

    I did invest in a the Qi back and a charge pad so that should help.

    PLUS, my local bar (think of it as Cheers with a seedier crowd :p) just installed 7 under bar electric sockets WITH built in USB chargers! I'll never have to leave just carry a cable :)
  12. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Android Expert

    - 5.5" screen in the perfect, thin body;
    - 3/32 ROM/RAM;
    - best cellphone camera on the market;
    - removable battery;
    - microSD slot;
    - last, but not least, my real-life initials are LG :D
  13. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    I could not agree more, if the G3 had a 1080p and a bit larger battery it would be so ideal for my heavy usage. To date it is the single best Android I've owned.

    LG has made such great strides in the last two years it's just amazing. I simply didn't expect them to build a phone as stellar as the G3.
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  14. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Android Expert

    LG is good.

    G2 was kind of OK, w/non-removable battery, no microSD slot and so-so camera. Glad I sold it.

    F6 is one excellent phone for under $100 in the price//performance area.

    Hope they dethrone Gnusmas :D

    get rid of yours, buy another G3 and welcome back to the commonwealth of the civilized phones, bud :D
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  15. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    Sounds like sage advice to me... :D
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  16. phillyundead

    phillyundead Well-Known Member

    I bought the G3 to replace my Note 3. I now regret it.
    It dies a lot faster than I expected with the big battery it has. I assume it's due to the QHD. It charges very slow too. Without a case it slides out of my hands a lot. I don't like cases on my phones. Phablets are big enough already. The onscreen buttons are very annoying as are the buttons on the back. Taking a screen shot is annoying with the buttons being so small and close together. The camera on the G3 is great. Right on par with the Note. Taking videos on the Note is a lot better though. The G3 over heats big time too. I wish you could lower the resolution to save battery life. The colors on the G3 seem more blurry and foggy than my Note. Its odd. I had to go back to the Note 3. Its a better phone over all. I'm with T-Mobile so I pay full price for the phones so the G3 cost me 600 and the note was 680 so not too big of a difference.
  17. phillyundead

    phillyundead Well-Known Member

    I'd say the camera is great but the Lumia 1020 and z1s and z2 beat it. The Note 3 is about equal but videos are better on the Note.
  18. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    I'm the odd duck when it comes to opinions on cameras. Fact is out of all the smartphones I've had, I've never once touched their cameras... Ha... Ha... Ha...

    Why? Because I enjoy any type of photography so much, I always without fail, have one of my cameras with me. :)
  19. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Samsung hardware rocks! Well, I like the home button rather than a nav bar and like their displays. Their radio kind of usually suck and updates tend to hurt the devices rather than help (Note 3 radio was hosed for Verizon). S4, S5 and Note 3 as example and why I do not update and root if possible :)

    I agree that the G3 is the best overall device, were it not for the one thing I always blab about. I am hoping there is an 805 version of the G3 released this fall, since certain that the Note 4 will be a bloated demon and maybe locked down. Boo!


    BTW, not so sure the G3 is future proof, since the 801 is operating at its ceiling with Qhd, so that content will likely choke performance and battery life. I would agree if the 805, since per Qualcomm, that chip was designed from concept stage on up as having a Qhd centric GPU.

    I prefer the term, "Near-future proof" ;)
  20. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Android Expert

    anything to prove it?
  21. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    I like Near-Future Proof as a concept and expression. At the current frenetic pace of forward progress, the old version known as future-proof has clearly become obsolete.

    In fact, depending on ones perspective and personal practices when it comes to frequency of acquiring new smartphones, a rather addicted smartphone enthusiast like myself doesn't even consider longevity.

    Ha... Ha... Ha... :)
  22. phillyundead

    phillyundead Well-Known Member

    Check out any of the side by side comparisons. No phone on the market beats the Lumia 1020 and the Xperia line camera is the next best. I've owned the z1s note 3 and G3 this year. Xperia easily won in camera department. The G3 takes better photos than the note but the videos on the note blow it away. I've tested them side by side
  23. phillyundead

    phillyundead Well-Known Member

    Alright. I guess near future proof is correct. The 9 month old Note still hold strong against the brand new G3. I've also noticed that the note gets better Wi-Fi reception as well as cell reception. I carry both with me usually. I'll post some LTE and Wi-Fi speed tests later if you guys want.
  24. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    The Verizon version though was crippled by the Kitkat update (reduced signal reception). Forums all over including Verizon's own forums posting about it to no avail of Verizon.

    I would agree 100% that the Note 3 is the best overall device- pre Verizon update. I could put up with the Qhd issues, but NOT bad radio reception. More the reason why I prefer rooting and disabling updates.

    G3 leads by a double fault by Verizon. The other carriers do not seem to have the issue though.
  25. ravenas

    ravenas Well-Known Member

    I had a Samsung S3 and Nexus 5 before getting the LG G3. While I loved my old S3 when it came out I was on a Sprint 2 yr contract. After a year both the contract and phone got long in the tooth for me. Sprint LTE service never did match up to the advertised "enhancements" they kept promising. I had far better "4g-ish" access on their old Wimax system. My Nexus phones (had the Galaxy Nexus before the Nexus 5) were for a prepaid T-Mobile plan.

    In 2013 Samsung/Sprint pushed a Jellybean update to my S3 that killed the battery life. I got about 6-8 hours use out of it instead of 10-12. Then the microSD card slot got buggy and started unmounting cards randomly. (I had to juryrig a hardware fix.) The Nexus 5 won me over Autumn 2013 and I went with the pure Android experience using the better T-Mobile LTE service. Their service actually improved over the last 18 months while Sprint's got worse.

    What has won me over to the G3 is I get the best of what Samsung offered while still getting as close to a Nexus experience as possible.

    • User replaceable battery (for when I'm traveling and using my phone as a camera)
    • 32GB internal memory (I have that on my Nexus 5, the S4 and S5 were 16GB only on Sprint)
    • MicroSD card slot (for storing my Play Music/Movies files and for camera/video capture)
    • Much better sound on my video capture (Nexus 5 cannot handle loud bass sounds)
    • LG's skin is closest to pure Android as you can get (I got really sick of Touchwiz and their junk)

    Since having the phone there are a few added features I've grown to love.

    • Knock patterns are awesome and natural for me.
    • The back buttons are so much easier to press.
    • Camera app has the voice control and optional minimal menu display.
    • I've been lusting after the Note's 5"+ displays. 5.5" is sweet for me.
    • MultiWindow is another Samsung lust fulfilled.

    I do wish I had Google Now access with a swipe of the Home Screen. LG's monitor screen is worthless to me. I shut that off.

    I have no interest in Motorola phones or HTC. Motorola is substandard hardware and HTC over-skins it way too much. I despise Windows 8 so have no interest in a Lumia. Amazon is great for shopping, but I'm not so invested I need a phone, tablet or set top box from them. My Prime account is mainly for the free shipping.

    I'm hoping my love for the G3 lasts a year. Then I'll jump to something new. I've already dumped Sprint in favor of T-Mobile. You cannot pay me to give my hard earned cash to Verizon or AT&T. I've had enough horrible history with Verizon to know it is a company from Hades.
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