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Receive SMS notification, but not appearing in messages application.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dunge, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Dunge

    Dunge Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a brand stock LG Optimus 2X with Videotron as the carrier. Sometimes it works, sometime it don't. I see the message notification, but when I go in the messages application the messages just appear and disappear one second later. I'm aware of the limit and it's disabled and was not reached. Just rebooting the phone fix the problem, for some time then it restart to automatically delete the messages.

  2. maleduc

    maleduc Lurker

    Good day,

    My girl friend, sister and brother in law and I, have all the same phone which is the Optimus 2x stock(4 months old). We also have all the same problem as Dunge. No exception. The phone work fine but after 2-3 days without rebooting the phone, we received SMS and we see the notification. After we drag down the notification and we click on the SMS, the message will be disappear from the SMS application. Rebooting the phone also solve the problem here but it's annoying for a phone of that price :/

    Phone info
    Model : LG-P999
    Provider : Videotron
    Android version : 2.2.2 ;(
    Kernel :
    Build number :FRG83G
    Software version : LG-P999-AVC-C11f

    Any suggestion ?

    Thank you
    Have a nice day
  3. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    Factory reset would be my best guess :/
  4. maleduc

    maleduc Lurker

    I just did that yesterday, I'll let you know if the factory reset work!:p

    Thank you
  5. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    How did it go?
  6. maleduc

    maleduc Lurker

    Did not work :(

    Now my phone keep rebooting.!!! I am getting frustated with that LG phone.
  7. jackdsparker94

    jackdsparker94 Well-Known Member

    Nvflash is my next bet although Im nnot so sure how to do it.

    Look on Google or on the " all things root " section to find what your looking for
  8. Domin8r

    Domin8r Lurker

    I have put many calls to Videotron and for this same issue they have replaced my Optimus 2X three times cos most support technicians did not know of this well documented issue.

    You will read on many sites that Android 2.3 or also called Gingerbread is the fix for this but unfortunately for Videotron subscribers it is not offered or even supported by Videotron if you decide to upgrade on your own.

    I was also asked to do a factory reset, and going into the SIM memory you still can't get your message received even if you got a text notification. The issue is supposedly related to accounts that have Voice Mail activated. For clients without Voice Mail the issue doesn't appears to be.

    My solution found after spending a lot of time researching is simply by downloading the free Handcent SMS for Android application found here:
    three doublya dot handcent dot com

    Good luck and let me know if you have found other fixes anywhere.

  9. sebassupastar

    sebassupastar Lurker

    LG optimus 2x w/ Videotron. I have the same problem. Found no answers yet. But those messages are not lost. They are copied to your SIM card. You can find them in the options menu of the messages app.

    I have no clue as to why they are copied there. My guess so far is that when the phone can't access internet they are copied to the SIM card.
  10. Nanohana

    Nanohana Lurker

    Me and my friend are both using the same telco in singapore, (singtel)
    However , my phone suddenly stop receiving text only from that particular friend. Others may still call/text me. I am still able to call my friend but the call ends up getting hung after 10 seconds. After which my phone will freeze; Unable to receive calls/text/3G.This happens overnight. Anyone else suffered from it or, have a solution to share? :(

    now im constantly stuck with battery freeze.
    gingerbread 2.3.4

    p.s factory resetting doesnt help at all, problem still persist.

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