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Recent Google Voice Update (0.3.0)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by StandardsDT, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. StandardsDT

    StandardsDT Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After the recent update to Google Voice I noticed in Advanced Task Killer the following:


    long pressing and touching detail reveals


    Is anyone else having a similar problem after the recent update or has this been documented yet? I can kill it but then eventually it just comes back. The last time I saw it was a yesterday (I think) and the day the update was pushed.

  2. After updating, when I first boot up the phone I get "Sorry! The application Google Voice (process com.google.android.apps.googlevoice) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again."
  3. StandardsDT

    StandardsDT Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Anyone else having a similar issue?

    Also swimminginthoughts does this occur all the time? Did you try reinstalling? I'm trying to hold off on reinstalling consider this didn't exist before the update released.
  4. Yep, just tried reinstalling, rebooted, and still get the same error message.
  5. PiggyGirl

    PiggyGirl Member

    I got the same message. I hope it's still working.
  6. It does, just member to reopen it.
  7. bdbull

    bdbull Newbie

    I haven't had that problem however I just got notification for a vm I got yesterday afternoon.
  8. NewYorkLaw

    NewYorkLaw Member

    +1, I get that each time I reboot my phone. When I re-start gv, it seems to work, though.

  9. gentlefury

    gentlefury Android Enthusiast

    No problem here...working fine.
  10. decemberblues

    decemberblues Lurker

    does anyone have an extra google invite to spare? on the wait list and I'd like to give it a try before 2012 :~)
  11. NewYorkLaw

    NewYorkLaw Member

    PM me with your email address, I have one left.
  12. thepinkc

    thepinkc Well-Known Member

    I'm getting the same error message.
  13. toefer

    toefer Member

    Does anyone else find listening to voicemails annoying?

    I wish there was a way to still get my voicemail to show up the regular way (like a voicemail notification, and then use Android's visual voicemail to listen/skip/rewind/delete, etc), but ALSO have it forwarded to Google so that they could transcribe it and email it to me.

    Instead this is what it seems like I have to deal with to listen to a voicemail:

    1) A text message telling me I got a new voicemail
    2) An email with the transcription of the voicemail, and a link to listen to it.
    3) Clicking the link downloads the mp3 file, and then asks what program I want to complete the task with.
    4) I open up a media player, and finally get to hear the voicemail, but now I have to deal with getting the mp3 off my phone, unless I want them to pile up.

    I know it's possible to change the settings to skip out on step 1, but that part is the least of my concerns. 2, 3 and 4 are what annoy me.
  14. Polymira

    Polymira Member


    Turn of SMS notification, because i'm sure you already have push email for the notification.

    Install the actual google voice application from the android market. Now, when you want to listen to a voicemail, pop open google voice and listen...
  15. Yeah, the GV app should act as visual voice mail and you listen to it right on the phone (I think it's a setting to tell it to act that way). With the transcripts, I really listen to voice mails anymore. They're usually decent enough that I can get the gist of what's being said although sometimes it sends me some funny stuff!
  16. curtdragon

    curtdragon Newbie

    I have mine as follows:

    Disable the SMS
    Set filter on my Gmail account to mark as read and delete email with the GV transcript

    So I get notified from the app and can read or listen to the message that way. The only annoying this is that there is no proximity sensing when listening to VM, so when you touch the screen your face might pause or fast forward etc
  17. gentlefury

    gentlefury Android Enthusiast

    I think GV is one of the coolest inventions since gmail.
  18. falltime

    falltime Well-Known Member

    I'm getting the same error message on boot - very annoying!
  19. toefer

    toefer Member

    Thanks guys. I actually disabled the SMS before making that post, but forgot all about the Google Voice app (I'm an idiot). It was actually already installed on my phone (I guess Sprint pre-loaded it), but never actually thought to try it (I tried it once, before having a Google Voice account, and then have forgotten all about it).
  20. TIger

    TIger Lurker

    Im getting the "Stopped unexpectedly" error too. Any fix yet? Been checking the market for an update.

    I have a Sprint HTC Hero with the Fresh ROM
  21. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    The way the GV app works is pretty annoying to me for the sole reason that I bought an Android for Google apps integration and so far I am very dissapointed - there's no push on GV. I have to rely on email to notify me that I have a VM or SMS waiting? And sometimes it's over a day later! And every time I start up my phone I get a "force close" error for the app.

    Come on Google!

    While I'm on the point - Google Maps was light years better for me on the iPhone, which also handled my mail better than the Gmail app, and if it wasn't for HTC's Sense Calendar I would be stuck using the god-awful Android calendar for my Google Calendar.

    I have a phone branded "With Google" yet another phone did Google things way better :(
  22. curtdragon

    curtdragon Newbie

    Do you have the settings correct? I get the email and the notification via Voice. In order to get rid of the annoying emails and SMS I turned it off on the web portal. Make sure in the phone app under refresh and settings you have it turned on and set the refresh to 5 minutes
  23. d-man

    d-man Newbie

    "I am very dissapointed - there's no push on GV. I have to rely on email to notify me that I have a VM or SMS waiting?"

    The official Google Voice app (the one this post is about) definitely gives you notifications when you have a new voice mail. No need to rely on SMS or email.

    Perhaps the cause of your confusion is that you are using the older app, which is called GV? It is currently unsupported and rather broken (although it can do call-back, whereas the official one cannot).
  24. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip curt, I actually thought about doing that....but doesn't a refresh rate of every five minutes devour the battery?

    And sure that'd be acceptable for a voice mail, but if I were relying on GV for SMS I don't think my buddies (and more importantly my boyfriend lol) would appreciate a 5-plus minute delay in txts.
  25. cvam1985

    cvam1985 Well-Known Member

    Hmm mine's called "Voice" - I only thought there was one app. I'll have to check into this. Thanks for your advice :p

    Just checked and it appears I am running the app everyone's talking about. Google Voice Build Number 0.3.0.

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