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Recently Rooted I Need Help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crzylibra77, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. crzylibra77

    crzylibra77 Newbie
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    Hello I recently rooted my samsung exhibit 2 4g and have questions regarding root apps. I appologize if these questions have been answered in the forums somewhere but I have had problems finding answers to some of my questions. Any help will be much appreciated and thanks for mking rooting my phone so easilly done and expkained.
    Here is a list of apps I have with super user access.
    Titanium Backup
    Rescan Media
    Lucky Patcher
    Terminal Emulator
    SuperuseDroidsail Super App2SD
    Battery Callibration
    Quick Boot
    SD Speed Boost
    Busy Box Pro
    ROM Toolbox
    ROM Manager
    SD Maid (I Use Regularly)
    Ghost Command (File Manager)
    ES File Manager, Task Manager, and Security (3 Apps)
    Can I eliminate any of these apps due to similiar functions?
    Is it ok to move these apps 2 External SD Vard?
    Is there anyway to speed up my Internet Browser?
    Can I Overclock and Unerclock my Samsung Exhibit 2 4g and if si what is a safe setting for both?
    I would like instructions on how to use Busy Box Pro and ROM Toolbox.
    What are Terminal Emulator, Lucky Patcher, Battery Callibtation, Quick Boost, SD Speed Boost, and Diagnosis Apps used for?
    Is there any rooted apps I dont have that i should?
    I would like to download a file called root for dummies or something like that bit cannot find an active link to do so.
    I know that i am requesting alot of info but like I said any feedback will be appreciated.
    Thank You For Your Time.

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