Feb 22, 2011
I'm considering the SIII, but unsure of the reception quality. My Captivate's reception isn't that great here at home. I'm hoping the SIII is better.
Pretty sure you can get the phone, and if you are not happy with the reception you can take the phone back. Do you know the dBm you are getting at your house? No hurt in trying. But based on what I hear from these forums, reception is not an issue as it seemed to be with the Google Nexus on VZW anyway.

Mine at my house is in the bad range, but it doesn't drop calls or cut out conversations. Probably runs down my battery a little faster though.
The S3 from the captive does get better signal. And if im correct and you are on AT&T you can always go to the HOX if it doesn't get good signal.
You mean the HTC One X?
I heard that has better reception. Not sure if true.

Yes sorry im lazy sometimes and just abbreviate. Well im not sure 100% because everytime im with my cousin we both have the same amount of bars but occasionally he will have 1 more for a little then wh will be at the same.