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Recharging seems to take forever!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kairiste, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Kairiste

    Kairiste Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My last phone was the iPhone 3G - old as dirt and would lose battery fairly fast, but recharged REALLY quickly. The Note seems to take a dog's age to recharge. This morning I woke up to it being at 70%, turned on my computer and plugged it in to get some charge back up, it's been charging for well over and hour and a half and it's only at 90% (I cleared out a couple of new emails, downloaded 3G Watchdog, but for the most part it's been left alone to charge).

    This seems REALLY slow to me. I know my old iPhone was a great recharger (it would have been completely recharged within 20-30 mins), but only 20% in over an hour and a half? Is this normal? I do tend to use the phone quite a bit, but I feel like I have to plug it in to make sure I don't get caught with no battery if I am out and about.

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  2. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    USB charging is really slow. Just use the mains charger.
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  3. Kairiste

    Kairiste Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok will give that a go - thank you!
  4. Omar Days

    Omar Days Android Expert

    Yeah usb charging is really slow. Though I've found if I have my laptop off plugged into the mains with my phone connected by usb, it charges as quick as if my phone was charging by the mains.
  5. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    Just chiming in. My computers USB port only provides half the power of using the mains charger. Found this out when I got my note and it was taking hours for it to charge via USB. Only plug it into the wall now and it charges from zero in 2-3 hours...
  6. touringhaggis

    touringhaggis Android Enthusiast

    I have seen the same effect with my previous phone. I assumed that it was discharging quickly because it was not getting a full charge anymore (due to a charge state error). If you replaced the battery (difficult with the iPhone for sure) the rapid discharge would probably have been corrected.

    The Note's battery is very large and will obviously need more time to charge than other phones. Also, in my experience, the last 15-20% takes the longest to fill up. My phone will charge from 15% to 80% quite fast since there is little "resistance" to adding more charge. Certainly using a wall charger (I bought a number of them to spread around) will charge faster but you will still have some resistance in the last 15% of the charge. To give an analogy: Imagine that you are throwing water from a cup into a saucepan. You will fill quite quickly at first, but eventually most of the water will miss (or splash out) slowing down the process.

    Ok, not too scientific, but I hope it helps ;)

    Eric Ritchie.
  7. danabe

    danabe Lurker

    is there a way to disply the % battery status in the top indicator display like in iphone or ipad?

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