Android Expert
Jul 15, 2010
I use handcent and im getting 3 or 4 of the samd texts from people? Any ideas?
I have no idea, I also use Handcent and didn't do anything to it except change the Notification Sound and it works perfectly. Wish I could give you some help but I just wanted to throw this out that I have no problem with it whatsoever because some people here seem to have problems.
Same here, both with OG and the Bionic in the stock messaging app. Only seems to happen from my friends iphone on AT&T, and even then it's sporadic.
Consider emailing the developer since your problem has to do with an app and not the phone.
Try completely restarting the phone and doing a battery pull, i had the issue with my thunderbolt when I got it. It was an error with the sim card. I didn't have the issue with my bionic though.