Root Recommend a Sense ROM without any headset bugs


Android Expert
Currently have LeeDrOid's 2.4.1 rom, but have just discovered this morning there is a known bug with using headsets - phone/text sounds don't work after using a headset and unplugging and confirmed with a search of the xda thread/wiki comments. Reboot solves the problem, but as I use my phone to listen to tunes on commute it's a bit of a pain - especially when i forget. Pity as i liked the rom.

So can you seasoned rom testers/users recommend a sense rom that works ok with headsets? Probably prefer Froyo given the call delays being experienced in GB eg Insertcoin HD/Z, but happy to try a GB one to see if i get any delay. Main thing for me is resolving headset compatibility issue so I don't miss calls.