Jun 16, 2022
I have an Amazon Fire TV, 2nd generation (a flat square, not a cube like the Amazon Fire Cube).

I installed PBA Bowling app on my Amazon Fire TV and because I kept using the Amazon remote to play the game, the remote doesn't work well. The direction button (the circular one) doesn't react as well. At times, if I press the button to the left or the right, it doesn't respond and I have to press it again, which sometimes causes problems. At other times, pressing the button once results in an action as if I pressed the direction button twice.

I think the solenoids underneath the button were worn out. So I looked at the various options on the Internet and I bought several ones. But most of them do not pair with the Amazon Fire TV and I had to return it.

I would like a replacement remote for the Amazon Fire TV that pairs with the Fire TV, and also has the HOME button ABOVE the circular direction button. This is important because if the HOME button is below the circular direction button, it's confused with the Play button and causes problems when I play games using this kind of remote.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a remote that pairs with Amazon Fire TV *and* has the HOME button above the circular direction button?
Other than a search on Amazon for a replacement remote, I have no idea.
Maybe it's time to invest in a console gaming system instead?