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Recommended PIM/organizer that syncs w/ Windows?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Winfried, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Winfried

    Winfried Well-Known Member
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    As Personal Information Manager (PIM), I am happy with Android's native Calendar and People applications combined with MyPhoneExplorer's Tasks and Notes, and syncing all four with Outlook.

    However, a friend who works as a primary school director doesn't like the way the native Calendar application looks, so moved to ColorNote because multi-day events can be displayed in different colors, but ColorNote 1) doesn't seem to support creating a multi-day event in one go (eg. just enter FROM and TO dates), and 2) only supports Calendar + Notes, but doesn't provide support for Tasks and possibly People/Contacts.

    Besides, she never synced her phone with Windows, which means that losing her phone would have her lose all information.

    So I was wondering if someone could recommend a PIM/organizer that would support the following features:
    • Can sync with Windows, either with their own apps or Outlook; Data should not sit in the cloud, as she prefers her backup data to sit on her computer
    • Calendar should make it very easy to enter multi-day events and show them in different colors to make them stand out
    • In addition to schedule, should support tasks, notes, and contacts
    • Application should be free or affordable (ie. should not requiring buying the whole Microsoft Office suite just for this)

    Searching the archives returned hits such as Pimlical, SpringPad, MS OneNote, and Evernote. Are there other applications you would recommend?

    Thank you.

  2. Winfried

    Winfried Well-Known Member
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    It seems like there's no good application that provides the four apps (Calendar, contacts, tasks, notes) in Android and Windows, so I'll recommend installing either of those for calendar...

    ... and rely on MyPhoneExplorer to provide Tasks + Notes in Android and Windows.
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