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Apr 28, 2010
Is there a program allowing you to record your calls (both sides) under android 2.1?

What about one that modulates your voice in real time, the 1ghz cpu of a nexus should be sufficient to do that real time, right?
interesting one but it uses some paid service on the net to send the call through and doesnt work for all countries anyway

i would like something just on my phone :>
Are you in the US? You should research your local laws before doing this.

In some ares of the US it is illegal to record phone calls without both parties agreeing to it first.
I'm not in the US, it's ok here.
The problem is that most phones have problems doing it
I'm using an app called call recorder by clever mobile. Its ok just... the only problem is that the voice the other end is very quiet. HTC One V
I think that recording calls is disabled by default in android phones to follow international laws. If you still need a work around, I was able to get a call recoding function before on a custom rom for my old phone.