Recover a rooted GT-S6500D

I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (GT-S6500D), I rooted it with the help of this video youtu(dot)be/94vIeinaddQ.
I had no problem , but after a few days there was an update for the phone and I clicked on "Install".
And the phone was rebooting , when the clockworkmod recovery appeared on the scren.
I rebooted the phone and I ha the same result.
After several attempts I repeated the same process for rooting with Odinv1.85.
How can I recover my phone.

(The phone was locked with the mobile operator TMN telecomonica


Extreme Android User
Did you make a nandroid backup in CWM? If so, do a restore with that backup.

If not, see if you can get the phone replaced.