Recover deleted photos vids


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Looking for an app to recover deleted photos or vids .... I haven't needed to recover any yet... but if i ever need to... what is the best app to do so...?


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If you don't need to recover now.. but are using the time to plan... don't investigate photo recovery software.


that way, instead of messing about with software, crossing your fingers and hoping to get lucky, you can just copy them from your backup.

Online is good.. you can encrypt if you prefer.

If not.. its harder work, but you can do it offline, and off site... you just need to do it regularly.


Anybody tried diskdigger photo recovery from Google play......

I know the Windows version is legit and can work. However for Android version the device apparently has to be rooted, which stands to reason for the low-level data access that file recovery requires. And if it actually works or not for encrypted EXT formatted storage, good luck! Of course if the device has been trashed and is non-operational, no recovery software will work.
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You'd better back up all your important files in advance. It can greatly reduce the possibility of losing files in your daily life. Recovering from a backup file is simpler than using a recovery tool.As for data recover tool.Samsung Data Recovery is useful.