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Recover lost SMS or get log of past notifications?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Aimevous, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Aimevous

    Aimevous Lurker
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    I was using some buggy firmware for my android (LG GW620, running OpenEtna 6.1RC1 which is running Android 2.2)

    I was running a lot of apps and presumable I was low on memory (not sure if this info was useful) when an SMS came in from an important person.

    I saw the sms notification from Handcent SMS in the notification bar but when I clicked on it, Handcent opens to an empty screen with no message but just the number on top. Thinking that I might have clicked wrongly somehow, I pressed back which brought me to the screen with the list of SMSes. However, that latest SMS wasn't there at all! I tried the default Messaging app and it wasn't there too.

    And it was then that I realised I should have at least taken down the number it was sent from. Now I have no idea what number it came from or what that message was about other than the first 3 words which appeared in the notifications bar when the message first came.

    I've been googling for a solution to see if its possible to recover SMS but there seems to be no solution short of sending it for forensic services.

    Does anyone know how I can retrieve any info at all?

    Alternatively, does Android keep a log file of all notifications that appears on the bar? If so, does anyone know where it is stored and if it can be recovered? I just need the phone number...


    Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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  2. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    There probably is a way but if you were low on memory odds are that the memory that stored the SMS was overwritten which further complicates things.

    I realize that GV isn't for everyone but one of the really nice things that is never pointed out as a benefit is that even if the SMS store on your device is lost or corrupted you still have access to messages via the GV site. If you don't have messages on your device or get a new device all you have to do is load the GV app and sync to your GV account. It's almost like a messaging backup.

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