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Recover problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yakuzado, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. yakuzado

    yakuzado Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ok guys so last night i just tried to flash clockwordmod recovery using odin before install the custom rom. After all the steps stated i had follow, i wait for the phone to reboot in order to see if the recovery was a success or a failure. But after about 15minute on the odin screen, the step still not fininsh, and to my suprise, the green bar under the recovery word doesnt event reaching half(if you've used odin you'll probably know what im talking). So i unplug the usb and reboot by myself without even completig the flashing process. So after that whati get is only a blackscreen, a phone and pc symbol with an exclamaton mark, and also a sentence "firmware upgrade encounered Issue. Please select recover using kies and try again. Everytime i turn off my phone and turn on again, the same message appear and my phone wont start at all.so what i suppose to do?

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  2. keithross39

    keithross39 Lurker

    Hi...your answer's right there on your phone screen. Use your PC and download the latest version of Kies, then connect your phone to your PC with the supplied USB cable and use the inbuilt Kies option to do an emergency recovery. I had to do this on my wife's GS11....so I know it works....good luck.... :)

    EDIT....just noticed the date on this post, but the info applies to anybody who finds themselves in this situation.. :)

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