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recover transferred files to an extSDcard?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by reallyneedshelp, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. reallyneedshelp

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    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate any help or tips that you could give me regarding my problem.

    Yesterday I was at a concert. I recorded a few videos on my phone for posterity (a Motorola Droid Razr M I think). I realised that I would not have enough memory on my internal storage to record more videos so using ES File Explorer I moved the 13 videos to my mounted extSDcard which holds all my music. Having recently found out about googles recent 4.4 sd card writing changes (and being thoroughly annoyed by them) I was worried what would happen but the transfer seemed to work ok without any errors. I recorded some more videos on the internal storage after this.

    When I got home, I went to view the videos on the extSDcard and found that I couldn't. ES File explorer gives me the following message: 'Media Error: Sorry, cannot play this video'. The 13 videos are in the folder that I placed them in but there is no preview imahe like there is with other videos. Looking at the properties it says N/A for size and Yes for Readable and Writable. I had 4.99 GB available on my extSDCard before I moved the videos and now there is only 2.72 GB available.

    If the videos were truly lost I could understand it but I don't understand why the video files themselves say 0KB yet the extSDcard is still 2.27 GB down. Does anyone have any idea what happened to my videos and is there a way or an app that I can install that will magically restore them? Is there any way that the data may still be on the phone's internal memory somewhere?

    I am more or less a noob regarding Android and my phone is not rooted.

    I would really appreciate any help whatsoever. Cheers

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