Jan 9, 2016
So I recently got back from a trip to India that lasted about 1 month and was under the assumption that all the texts that were sent to me during that one month would be recovered as soon as I landed at JFK. This was new to me, because for my previous Asian trips I was always able to text and call but just get no data. Either way, when I landed I received an onslaught of voicemail but 0 texts. I then made sure I could still receive texts and asked some family to send a test text which I received. Then we called Verizon and were told it could take a day but it has been about 3 and still nothing. This is extremely frustrating to me because while some texts may have been simple Merry Xmas and Happy New Year texts others may have an impact on my future. Furthermore, I always feel bad ignoring any texts in general.

BTW I have a Pantech Marauder and any help is appreciated!
Thanks Again!
In general networks will try to deliver for a maximum time, after which they will report back to the sender that they were unable to deliver. The normal limit on GSM networks is 14 days, but I don't know whether Verizon would be different. Hence it's quite possible that messages sent to you near the start of the trip have timed out, but I'd expect messages sent later to still arrive. All I can suggest is calling Verizon again - apart from disconnecting and reconnecting to the network (i.e. toggling airplane mode) I don't think there's anything you can do at your end to force delivery.

As for being cut off in India, I have known them to cut off mobile access for all visitor's phones (from other parts of India as well as international) if there is a heightened security status in the province. So it might have been something like that.
Thanks for the reply Hadron! That's what I guessed and have tried airplane mode :/..

As for India, I was thinking along those lines but my friend who also uses Verizon had no issues contacting internationally and was in the same states as I was in at the same times. We do have different models and they said something about a tower but they said the same thing when I went to the Caribbean and I had no problems there.