Root Recovery install hints.


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I had some problems trying to access download mode in order to install CWM using ODIN.

I thought I would pass along some tips that I learned that may make things easier for others.

Assuming your phone is already rooted. Open up terminal app. If you do not have terminal app download from play store.

  1. Open terminal
  2. Type 'su' (no quotes) - then press enter (choose yes (grant) at superuser prompt)
  3. Type 'reboot download' (no quotes) - then press enter. Phone will boot into download mode. You can then follow guide to install root by xInterlopeRx -
    [OUDHS] Soft Brick and CWM recovery support
The above terminal steps can also be used to reboot into recovery, if needed, by typing 'reboot recovery' (no quotes)

Hope this info helps those that may be having problems placing phone into download mode.