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Root [Recovery] Team Win Recovery - TWRP -

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shabbypenguin, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. If you used shabbypenguin's method to root, then you installed Odin on your computer and TWRP on your phone. TWRP should still be there on your phone.

    To boot to TWRP, power off your phone, then power on your phone by holding Volume Up, Home, and the Power button together.


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  2. stinger2k

    stinger2k Well-Known Member

    And there it is !! I just didn't see it in my apps so didn't realize it was on my phone. Thanks for the help!!
  3. Planterz

    Planterz Member

    It's not an app, it's a (custom) recovery.
  4. Philip Seng

    Philip Seng Newbie

    While Using This Recovery I Suggest People That Are Bricked To Use This Backup To Restore To Original This Is Only For Metro PCS Version To Restore http://androidforums.com/threads/fr...vice-sgh-t399n-only-for-metro-version.891858/
  5. samsung_guy

    samsung_guy Lurker

    thank-you shabbypenguin.. i am now rooted with my metro pcs galaxy light. i have also unlocked my phone prior rooting. i have also made a back up and a copy to sd card. and as a safety measure, i will be putting a copy on my pc.
  6. GalaxyGurl13

    GalaxyGurl13 Newbie

    Happy Easter all. I'm currently using a Samsung Galaxy Light SGH-T399 cell phone on version T399UVUANI2. My question is how do I root it?

    I previously rooted this device, but I was on an earlier version. When T-Mobile pushed an update, my phone died and I had to send it in for a new phone. Now that I have a new phone, it's updated and I'm not quite sure how to safely root it and keep it as close to stock as possible. Can anyone help?

    Thanks for any replies.
  7. I have a problem with TWRP. I installed[​IMG] 3 ROM's in "Rom Toolbox", When i did it rested and went into TWRP, a blue bar loaded to about 80% & has been there for an equivalence or about 24 hours. On the to of the screen to the bottom it reads
    "Team Win Recovery project v2.7.0.0
    4:56 am Battery:88%
    Running OpenRecoveryScript
    Updating[​IMG] partion details...
    E:Unable to mount '/preload'
    Kernel does not have support for reading SELinu
    x contents
    E:Storage partion '//TWRP/BACKUPS[​IMG]/4790283f101
    9918d' not found
    Simulating actions..."
    If i shut it off it,when it comes back on goes straight there, like a BootLoop. Only thing i can gt on other than that is "Download Mode"
    I dont know what to do, is my phone totaled?
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  8. Get TWRP and make a stock backup. then root it with the restart button in the program, it should promt you with a "Would you like to root" message.
  9. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    I have a T399N with Android 4.4.2.

    Other instructions in this thread indicate that flashing TWRP- with Odin is only for Android 4.2 kernels. Is there another image that will work for T399N phones with Android 4.4.2?

    I have MetroPCS and not T-Mobile. It seems that TWRP- is for T-mobile. Or do I misunderstand?

    Are these images using Samsung's craptastic RFS filesystem? What is the latest Linux kernel for which people have been able to get the RFS filesystem working? (I'm thinking about generating my own image to flash ...) If these images aren't using RFS, what exactly are they?

    If I flash TWRP- with Odin, will it change my phone's IMEI number? If so, can I binary edit the recovery.img file and put my phone's IMEI number in place of whatever IMEI is in this image? What IMEI number is in the TWRP- recovery.img file?

    Does Heimdall work just as well as Odin? (I'm a Windoze noob, but I've been using Linux since 1991 and Unix before that. I'm a Linux embedded software developer.)

    Thanks ...

    KA24DERACER Well-Known Member

    First off, you should be using TWRP 2.8.4 (or whichever the newest one is). Yes it will work for 4.4.2. Yes it will work for Metro-PCS. No you should NOT have to change your phones IMEI number or anything like that (this flash doesnt mess any of that up, its carrier-neutral).

    I dont know about Heimdall vs Odin, but I dont think anything BUT Odin will work for this particular root and flash. I also dont know about the RFS system, but it likely does (the ONLY non-Samsung ROM for our phone out right now is CM12 and you still have to get TWRP on the phone first to flash it).
  11. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    The instructions for TWRP said it will not root the phone. To use that version, you had to first root with, and then upgrade to

    Is it the same with 2.8.4? Or will 2.8.4 root the phone?


    It wasn't that I wanted to change my IMEI number. I was confused by some other posts, thinking that it might do so, and then my IMEI number would have to be repaired. So I'm glad to hear that it won't change my IMEI number.

    Thanks for your responses.

    KA24DERACER Well-Known Member

    When they say "it will not root the phone", they mean installing TWRP or the CM12 ROM does not automatically install SuperSU, so you have to flash SuperSU with TWRP before you get root access. And you should do this before rebooting otherwise you have to manually reboot into recovery mode because without root access you cant use a "rebooter".

    And those posts you were getting confused by are (I believe) the ones about CM12, not TWRP, which in the original versions didnt have data or cell (then they got data, and finally cell). Either way the TWRP recovery doesnt mess with ANY of that stuff and the CM12 ROM is also carrier-neutral (although it will say T-Mobile on the lockscreen regardless if you have Metro or T-Mobile).

    No problem and good luck.

    BTW here is the post which has the step-by-step to root http://androidforums.com/threads/galaxy-light-root-metropcs-4-4-kitkat.897509/
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  13. Mark4325

    Mark4325 Lurker

    I have rooted the phone but not installed a custom ROM. My phone is carrier locked to T-Mobile. Have searched exhaustively for a carrier unlock with no success. Does this TWRP- custom ROM unlock the carrier? If not, can someone point me to an unlock?

    Greatly appreciated.
  14. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    I have MetroPCS. (Same as T-Mobile, except branding, I think.) They gave me an unlock code after 3-4 months of service with my new phone. The number to call to get the unlock code is: 800-373-2876. But that is for Banas only. (Banas is the company running the stores where I got my phone.) If you have a different company, then that might not be the right number for you.

    They will give you two codes: a "Service Provider" code and a "Network Code" code. You need to first buy a new SIM card from another provider, insert it, and then type in the numbers they give you on the phone. Those numbers are different for every different company, so you need to call your own company. It is the company running the store where you got your phone.

    Now, was your phone locked to T-Mobile before you rooted it? Or did it become locked to T-Mobile after you rooted it?
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  15. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    In other words, you can't unlock your phone until you first buy a SIM card from another provider. So my phone is not yet unlocked. (I haven't gotten around to rooting it either.)

    Your answer to my question:
    will help me decide if I want to try rooting it with Shabby Penguin's tools. I don't want my phone to become broken by locking it to T-Mobile, because I actually have MetroPCS, and not T-Mobile (even though it is on the T-Mobile network. I don't want to have to buy another MetroPCS SIM card just to get my phone working again. I already have a SIM card that works for MetroPCS.

    Somebody please educate me if I don't understand things properly. Thanks.
  16. Mark4325

    Mark4325 Lurker

    I bought the phone outright no contract and activated with straight talk only, therefore I do not think T-Mobile can help me out since I did not have an account with them and I do not think straight talk does that. Was going to try on Monday but figured if someone had the software that would be the easiest. Otherwise for the price of unlocking online I can by another phone already unlocked on E-bay.

    Was locked to T-Mobile before rooting.
  17. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    All phone companies are required (I think) by law (I think) to give you an unlock code after some period of time -- perhaps 3-4 months.

    No software is required. You just need to find out the "Service Provider" code and a "Network Code" for Straight Talk.

    And of course, to switch networks (providers), you will need to buy a new SIM card for the new network (provider).

    You shouldn't have to pay anything.

  18. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    There is a new software update for the Samsung SGH-T399 Galaxy Light phone from T-Mobile. There are some details here: https://Support.T-Mobile.com/docs/DOC-7793

    According to T-Mobile, you can't apply the update if your phone is already rooted. The update is supposed to give you free inflight texting.

    Does anybody know what else the update might do? For example, will the update fix any bugs that prevent rooting the phone by Shabby Penguin's method??

    Free inflight texting doesn't seem all that important to me if I lose the ability to root the phone.

    Are there any other exploitable bugs that this update might fix?

    If anybody has applied the update first, and then tried Shabby Penguin's update method, please post your results.
  19. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

  20. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    Well it's pretty common knowledge you can't receive an ota update if you're rooted. I don't know where you're getting this inflight texting from though. I see that does apply the stagefright fix though. I'm assuming there's nothing else to the update.

    Also an update won't break root unless it's an update to an new version of android.
  21. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    Does Shabby Penguin's root method use stagefright?

    If I allow the update to occur, fixing stagefright, will I deny myself the ability to root the phone?
  22. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

    Shabby Penguin says no, his exploit does not use stagefright.
  23. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    Do you know what stagefright is?
  24. n8kh

    n8kh Newbie

  25. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    It's an exploit that could allow a hacker to gain access of your phone just by a person opening a video message. So yeah it doesn't affect root ability in any way.

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