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Tips [recovery] twrp

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by colchiro, Aug 26, 2012.

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    [RECOVERY]TWRP touch recovery [2012-08-24] - HP Touchpad Android Development - RootzWiki

    CHANGELOG (for compared to
    Mostly bugfixes:
    Significantly improved sd-ext handling (ext partitions on sdcards)
    Changes to kinetic scrolling in file selectors
    Fixed a problem with using periods in backup names
    Fixed problems in XML layouts with mounting system and USB storage
    Fixed a problem with unmounting a partition before formatting during restore
    Add Jelly Bean decrypt support
    Updated 320x480 theme to match others (thanks to Llewelyn)
    Improve "symlinking" of /data/media to either /sdcard or /emmc
    Added sanitizing of device IDs for invalid characters (thanks to bigbiff)
    Fixed free space calculation when switching backup devices on /data/media devices
    Fixed a problem with using OpenRecoveryScript to create a backup without providing a backup name

    The fastest and easiest way to install TWRP is to use the GooManager app:
    Play Store Link
    Direct Download
    1) Install GooManager from the Play Store
    2) Open GooManager and provide root permissions
    3) Hit Menu (or the button with the 3 dots on your screen) and then Install OpenRecovery
    You can find more information and download links on our website!
    NOTE: If you're coming from another build of TWRP, you may need to go into settings and tap reset defaults to reset the storage paths so that you can see your zip files.


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