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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrrom, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. mrrom

    mrrom Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Would you guys would be willing to try this recovery? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2483776&page=4

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  2. rebelminded88

    rebelminded88 Member

    I would try it, but I just had a run in with this phone a couple of days ago. I rooted, then changed the dpi and I was in a bootloop even after hard resetting. SO I'm a little ify
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  3. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie

    Its possible to ask Alcatel/T-Mobile for unlock bootloader code?!?
  4. mrrom

    mrrom Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  5. jokerpks

    jokerpks Android Enthusiast

  6. mrrom

    mrrom Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    He got my hopes up sorry guys.
  7. mrrom

    mrrom Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What about this? Or will this not work because we have a locked bootloader still? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2250555
  8. jokerpks

    jokerpks Android Enthusiast

    It might possibly work someone would need to test it although you can't flash ROMs only other modifications. I would prefer manually installing because you can back up your files and possibly if you softbrick push them back through adb.

    Edit: But I guess it would be nice to have such a tool just be careful what you flash. Since we will probably never have a recovery we can make a list what is safe to flash.
  9. mrrom

    mrrom Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm still skeptical about this. I don't want to risk it still.
  10. Mikito1976

    Mikito1976 Android Enthusiast

    Hey guys I'm talking to a couple of developer friends from Android Forum from other sections to see if they could give a hand in this section here. I offer a donation if it was a successful one. I'll keep you guys posted. Crossing fingers. :D
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  11. mrrom

    mrrom Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  12. Mikito1976

    Mikito1976 Android Enthusiast

    Sorry to inform you guys but one great source have told me that there's no chance of this phone getting a recovery since it's a low budget phone. Bliss could be the one that could make it happened but that been said, Bliss won't waste his time for a device like this one.
    I thought about setting a donation tag/payment to maybe attract the attention of Bliss or someone else capable of doing this but I'm not sure how many users this phone has and are willing to donate/pay because I'm willing to put $20 and if at least 10 people do the same we could offer at least $200 and of course the more the better not sure if that would even work but it's worth the try.

    Every service has a price and when you pay you get the service.

    For now, I will keep using xposed framework and the modules.
  13. holycow123

    holycow123 Newbie

    I'll be willing to donate only if others are willing to donate to get this done.
  14. melomanll

    melomanll Lurker

    I am willing to donate up to 20 dollars

  15. xondrax

    xondrax Newbie

    I can send few bucks too :)
  16. jokerpks

    jokerpks Android Enthusiast

    Stahp ....
  17. melomanll

    melomanll Lurker

    Well I soft bricked the phone and I just got it the phone has insurance but I think I put to many tweaks this is and this is my 2nd fierce the first one broke because of me out fell screen broke and I had to beg my mom to buy another one and i owe 174 bucks and I really need the phone cause I run a business in my house and well idk what to do I've soft bricked my old att fusion 2 many times and was always able to fix it but this phone i cant i even have a backup of the stock rom and it won't install it just repeats itself with the install and which zip i wanna hook up, my fusion 2 is a low budget phone and there's many rims and recoverys for it and cyanogen mod 11 with kitkat
  18. melomanll

    melomanll Lurker

    So any progress?
  19. brons2

    brons2 Member


    I guess not. I just don't think this thing is going to have the sales volume to make it interesting to developers. It's not a bad phone for $150, other than the camera being pretty bad.

    I have 3 of them and they work fine stock for the most part. I came from a Verizon S3, which had a huge variety of ROMs. But I just couldn't stand Big Red shaking me down every month for $220+ for a family plan any more.

    I used the Tmo promotion of paying off your existing carrier ETFs and got 3 of these to replace an S3, Droid Razr and Droid Bionic. It actually runs better and has a larger screen than the Razr or Bionic. Cheap phones have come a long way.

    I guess a few months down the road I'll sell my Fierce and get a Moto G Google Play edition, which will include KitKat and only costs a little more, and that one is starting to get some ROMs for it.

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