Red "Low Battery" Notification Light


Android Enthusiast
Oct 28, 2009
when the battery is at or below 10% this red light comes on for the notification. is there any way to make it stop? can't find it anywhere
The little red LED uses so little power that it is pointless to believe that it will drain your battery. It in fact is a good way of notifying you that your battery is about to the die without putting more strain on the system.

If you are that worried about your battery at those levels there are third party apps that allow you to develop power profiles based on battery life.
i just think it's annoying, i don't care about the energy it takes. the blinking red light was just driving me nuts. if it was just a notification that I could clear that'd be one thing, but it won't go away until after the phone is above 10% battery
Having a seidio extended battery I was wondering the same thing... I would love to be able to completely shut down the blinking light if I could... has anyone figured out a way????
I know it is annoying but I think it's meant to be annoying. It's like the "low fuel" light on the dash of your car. If you run out of fuel (gas or batter on the phone) things could be bad.
I'm not sure cause I haven't used it in a while, but perhaps Missed Call has a setting for this?

If you guys think this is annoying, my old WinMo phone would vibrate or beep every 5 minutes when the battery was low. ;)
Found it!